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Kovalenko Lina Mihailovna. Citi by the sea
70 x 110 cm, canvas/oil, 2019
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Kovalenko Lina
Kovalenko Lina. Sunflowers
922 USD
Kovalenko Lina
Pink roses
Kovalenko Lina. Pink roses
659 USD
Kovalenko Lina
Summer charm
Kovalenko Lina. Summer charm
922 USD
Kovalenko Lina
Flowering kameliy
Kovalenko Lina. Flowering kameliy
659 USD
Kovalenko Lina
Stil life with melon
Kovalenko Lina. Stil life with melon
856 USD
Kovalenko Lina
And a cup of coffee
Kovalenko Lina. And a cup of coffee
263 USD

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