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About us, ontacts

ArtNow Gallery was launched in April 2003.

One of the major purposes of our gallery is popularization of modern Russian art. The gallery is not focused on certain styles. We do our best to provide audience with a wide range of current Russian art environment.

Our website gives an opportunity for talanted painters to show their artworks to internet users. Today, we cooperate with more than 5000 artists from different countries including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Israel, USA, Netherlands, France, Lithuania, Estonia, etc.

At the same time, we create comfortable conditions for gentlemen of virtue as well. Information about artists and their works is categorized by styles, you can easily navigate by expositions or use the search system. You can promptly order the artwork you like via internet. is an internet project that allows a buyer to communicate with a painter directly without any intermediaries.

If you want to buy a painting or another masterpiece of art, you can contact the artist via the order form placed below any available artwork. You can also send an e-mail to the artist from the painter’s biography page. After that, the painter will receive your contacts and then will communicate with you.

For more information about buying artworks at, see the How to buy section.

If you have any offers or questions, you can contact us:

ArtNow Gallery is a long-term project. We are very cooperative and look forward to seeing you online.


Panchenko Viktor.
Still life with a pipe
Still life with a pipe. Panchenko Viktor
498 USD
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Podgaevskaya Marina.
Venetian beauty
Venetian beauty. Podgaevskaya Marina
3543 USD
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Aronov Aleksey.
Coffee-break. Aronov Aleksey
656 USD
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Croitor Igor.
Apple morning
Apple morning. Croitor Igor
380 USD
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Medvedev Igor.
Forest duct
Forest duct. Medvedev Igor
700 USD
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Krasnova Nina.
Pink cloud
Pink cloud. Krasnova Nina
101 USD
144 USD
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Konstantin Pavel.
Eagle. Konstantin Pavel
25721 USD
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Fomina Lyudmila.
Figs. Fomina Lyudmila
78 USD
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CHatinyan Mger.
Still life with two pears
Still life with two pears. CHatinyan Mger
971 USD
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Garcia Luis.
Bouquet. Garcia Luis
590 USD
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Komarova Elena.
The Byzantium
The Byzantium. Komarova Elena
2230 USD
Work for ordering
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Zhilov Andrey.
Study with an old birch
Study with an old birch. Zhilov Andrey
104 USD
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Komarov Nickolay.
Not titled
Not titled. Komarov Nickolay
1312 USD
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Chistyakov Yuri.
Illustrations to Pushkin: Selected Poems 2 20/90
Illustrations to Pushkin: Selected Poems  2 20/90. Chistyakov Yuri
1198 USD
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Kharchenko Victoria.
Under the snow the grass is green
Under the snow the grass is green. Kharchenko Victoria
1535 USD
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Alexandrovsky Alexander.
Cyprus churchkhela
Cyprus churchkhela. Alexandrovsky Alexander
130 USD
288 USD
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Panasyuk Natalia
Panasyuk Natalia. Zurbagan
169 USD
Potapova Elena
Not titled
Potapova Elena. Not titled
1181 USD
Polyudova Evgeniya
Morning in the port
Polyudova Evgeniya. Morning in the port
524 USD
Tyutrin Peter
Apple trees in bloom
Tyutrin Peter. Apple trees in bloom
1246 USD
Korotkov Valentin
Not titled
Korotkov Valentin. Not titled
2624 USD
Avakov Ilya
Alfa Romeo Brera
Avakov Ilya. Alfa Romeo Brera
157 USD

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