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Noon over Zabelin

Zhilov Andrey. Noon over Zabelin
canvas/oil 40cm x 25cm 2021
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Genre: Landscape
Style: Realism
Publication date: 2021.06.22
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The sketch, written at the end of the first ten days of June, near the village of Abramova, overlooking ... perhaps the oxbow of some tributary of the Tesha, or maybe the old lady of Tesha itself, could not find more information, with a view of the village of Zabelino, Arzamas district. But I tend more to the old woman than to the pond. I already wrote this view, I do not remember when even, perhaps, that in the 16th year. This space has always fascinated, so I came back in order to fully reveal the image. Air seats.
After drying, I added staffage in the distance and details in the foreground.
Zhilov Andrey
Lupins at the hill
Zhilov Andrey. Lupins at the hill
106 USD
Zhilov Andrey
April evening
Zhilov Andrey. April evening
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Zhilov Andrey
Gold of October
Zhilov Andrey. Gold of October
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Zhilov Andrey
Willows by the pond
Zhilov Andrey. Willows by the pond
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Zhilov Andrey
Cloudy day in the spruce forest
Zhilov Andrey. Cloudy day in the spruce forest
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Zhilov Andrey
Birch lace
Zhilov Andrey. Birch lace
126 USD

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