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Time drunk sleep (2)

Author: Volchek Lika
Volchek Lika. Time drunk sleep (2)
canvas/mixed media 60cm x 70cm 2014

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Publication date: 2014.08.03
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The painting was exhibited at the Museum of non-conformist art in St. Petersburg

Sleep gives the sweet oblivion
opuskaem its chilly days
in the wings, gently floating dreamily
chop off all the roots crawling
and the world is not the fault of the human
reinforced by the immutable joy
a combination of soft and friendly
heaven will sound tube
and the very difficult transition the
It does not seem so important to us
we go the beaten Path
million-strong army its old
Give us, Lord, legkoy impermanence
heavenly bliss and happy!
Lika Volchek
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