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Volchek Lika

Volchek Lika
Registration 2007.09.24
ArtNow rating:
     - painting: 684
     - graphics: 589
     - sculpture: 457
     - decor: 510
     - giclee, prints, posters: 501

Painting (211 artworks)

Storm at sunset
Шторм на закате
Red Matrix
Красная Матрица
The Union of fire and water #2
Союз огня и воды #2

Graphics (989 artworks)

Looking at each other
Смотрящие друг на друга
Winged nude
Крылатая обнаженная

Sculpture (77 artworks)

Girl with an ornament
Девушка с орнаментом
Early morning
Раннее утро
Girl in the wind
Девушка на ветру
Girl with a flying
Девушка с пролетающим

Decor (21 artworks)

Daphne's transformation
Трансформация Дафны
Sirin bird
Птица Сирин
world Tree
Мировое древо жизни
Solar prominence
Солнечный протуберанец

Giclee, prints, posters (40 artworks)

Amazons dancing in sunlit green
Танец амазонок на солнечной лужайке
chimera passion
Химера страсти
night swimmings
Ночные купания
Two in the Universe
Двое во Вселенной


ARTIST LIKA VOLCHEK (St. Petersburg) Russian Union of Artists

International Federation of Artists Member of the Association "Free Culture"
Participation in exhibitions of the Russian Museum.
Russian Ethnographic Museum.Museum of the non-conformist art.
Museum of City Sculpture of St. Petersburg.
Museum of the retro cars exotics.
Museum Art Academy.Stieglitz.
Museum named after Fyodor Dostoevsky,
Museum. of A.S. Pushkin, Volgograd Museum of Fine Arts. Mashkov.
National Center of St. Petersburg
The Museum named after A.S. Pushkin
The Shemyakin Foundation
Houses of Composers of St. Petersburg
Theater Komissarzhevskaya
Houses of the Actor of St. Petersburg
Opera and Ballet Theater of the N.А. Rimsky-Korsakov
Central Exhibition Hall (CEH) Manege (St. Petersburg)
Theater of the Hermitage Palace, etc.

Her works were published by the Russian Museum in the directory "Tradition and Modernity", along with the outstanding and world-renowned artists of the last century and in the book " Famous and outstanding artists in St.Petersburg contemporary art".
A collection of poems "Mosaic states" with illustrations by the author.
Award and Diploma in the PAINTING nomination at the International Art Competition Art Moment 2010 for the painting "Moment in Moment."
Nominated for the national award "The Poet 2014-18"
Issued personal album of paintings of the "Eternal Feminine".
We present a video installation 'Neolitizm "in the Hermitage Theater, videoart "The road to her" in Theatre.V.F. Komissarzhevskaya, the Manege (St. Petersburg), the Union of Russian Artists (IFA), in the House of Actor in the the Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg state conservatory, in the final IX International Choreographic Competition "Riga Spring 2013".
.Video art "Ny-neolitizm" shown in the Museum of retro cars exotics and in the Manege (Centralexhibitions Hall of St. Petersburg).Neolitizm - the author's style, which includes works by the artist.

The participation of more than 60 domestic and international projects.

More than 50 publications in the picturesque albums, catalogs, magazines and periodicals.
Reports about exhibitions and projects on TV culture, and that's in the programsVesti, NTV, Telekurera.
Born in Byelorussia
1984 Graduated from Institute of Cinematography, Photography Department
1986-88 Education in Patent Institute in copyright and industrial property

Individual exhibitions

1998 Boreas Art Gallery
1999 Museum of Printing
2000 Mosaic of Situations, Dostoyevsky Museum
Sixth Sense, Forum Gallery
Magic Lines, Anna Internet Cafe Gallery(Culture Academy)
Twists of Lines, Mikhaylov Gallery
Stichographics, Anna Internet Cafe Gallery
2001 Love Dance, Mikhaylov Gallery
Vibrating Lines, Anna Internet Cafe Gallery
2002 Universe of Flowers, Goldex Business Center Gallery
Magic Dance, Anna Internet Cafe Gallery
Amazons, Mikhaylov Gallery
2003 Martian Chronicles, National Center Gallery
Das Ewig-Weibliche, Stray Dog Art Cafe
Ethnica, 3 Zhukovskogo Gallery
2004 Retrospective Exhibition, Bourgeois Shopping Center Gallery
Dance of the Universe, Tunnel Night Club
2008 Dance of the Universe, Tunnel Night Club
Ewig Weibliche, Russian National Union of Artists(IFA)
Energy forms of the Sky and the Earth, Museum of Nonconformism Art, Art center
Pushkinskay, 10, St. Petersburg
Neolitism, Jem Hall Gallery
Avant-gard and Antique, Art Club Dvoraynskoe Gnezdo
Neolitism`s Ornamentik, Russian-German Center by Petrikirche, St. Petersburg

Key group exhibitions

2014 painting "The Labyrinth of Time" in the exhibition "Pictures of the Year", the Union of Artists of Russia, the International Federation (IFA)
Festival "live exhibits" - view video animation "Neolitizm" with verses of the author in the clubhouse Auroville
Video art animation "The Road to Me" by the artist's paintings exhibited in the final of the IX International Ballet Competition "Riga Spring 2013"
International Festival "Holiday House", the Museum of non-conformist art
The annual exhibition "Petersburg 2011" Manege
Museum of non-conformist art, the International Festival - Exhibition "Holiday House"
The annual exhibition "Petersburg 2010" Manege
Museum of non-conformist art, the exhibition "Holiday House"
Museum of Artistic Academy. Stieglitz exhibition "Artmoment 2011"
The annual exhibition "Petersburg 2009" Manege
"Patron saint of Russia", St. Petersburg Union of Artists
Museum of Artistic Academy. Stieglitz exhibition "Artmoment 2010"
"Patron saint of Russia", the Volgograd Museum of Arts. Mashkov
"Patron saint of Russia", Exhibition Hall, Moscow
"Patron saint of Russia", exhibition hall, Vyborg
The annual exhibition "Petersburg 2009" Manege
Museum of non-conformist art Exhibition "Holiday House"
City Sculpture Museum exhibition "Russian forest" - paintings, objects made of stone
International Festival "Sea Level", dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Pushkin, 10, a personal photo video project "The sea level - branch", Manege, Moscow
Museum of Artistic Academy. Stieglitz exhibition "Artmoment 2009"
The annual exhibition "Petersburg 2008" Manege
"Petersburg 2007" Manege (St. Petersburg)
  "Finding an angel, " European Museum 2006 Water Museum, Saint Petersburg
  Charity Auction "Manege (St. Petersburg)
  "Festival of the house, " International Festival "Holiday House" / 18 th birthday Art Center
  Pushkin, 10, Museum of Nonconformist Art
  "Petersburg 2006" Manege (St. Petersburg)
"Festival at Pushkin", Museum of Nonconformist Art
International Festival of mini-art, Art Center "Pushkinskaya, 10"
"The best work of 2007", the International Federation (IFA)
2006 "Petersburg 2005" Manege (St. Petersburg)
  "Petersburg 2004", the Arena (St. Petersburg)
  "Equinox", the International Federation of Artists
  International Festival of Arts "Master Class"
  Christmas Exhibition, the International Federation of Artists (IFA)
Christmas exhibition, IFA (International Federation of Artists), Nevsky, 60
  Italy through the eyes of Russian artists, IFA
  "Spiritual Mission", the Russian Museum of Ethnography
  "Spiritual Mission", Palace of Culture, Kirishi
  International Festival of Arts "Master Class", the Russian Museum of Ethnography
  International Festival of Arts "Master Class", Manege, St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg)
  International Biennial for graphics, Manezh Central Exhibition Hall, St. Petersburg
  "Spiritual Mission", the Russian Museum of Ethnography
"Tradition and Modernity", in collaboration with the Russian Museum, Manezh Central Exhibition Hall, St Petersburg
"Spiritual Mission", the Russian Museum of Ethnography
"Mystical individualism" Gallery "Nevsky, 20"
"Spiritual Mission", the Russian Museum of Ethnography

Key publications

1997 Lika Volchek, Mosaic of Situations, Collected Poems and Essays, Illustrations by the Author (on sale at Boreas Art Gallery, 58 Liteyny)
1998 St. Petersburg Exhibition Review, Real Estate of St. Petersburg, № 31/1998
1999 Article incl. stichographics, Dvortsovyi Okrug, № 11/99
Article incl. illustrations, Chronicle of Culture and Arts in St. Petersburg. Classics, № 6/2000
2000 Performance, Na Nevskom, № 9/44/2000
Article incl. illustrations, Art Therapy, Terra Medica, № 5/2000
Article, Smena, № 28/2000
2001 Blossoming, Terra Medica cover, № 4/2001
2002 Cosmic Two 2002, Terra Medica cover, № 3/2002
Article incl. Victorious Amazons, Imperia Art, № 10/11, 2002
2003 Article incl. illustrations, Chronicle of Culture and Arts in St. Petersburg. Classics, № 2/2003
Siesta and Fire in the Dark, Spiritual Mission Catalogue №. 3, Russian Museum of Ethnography
Niobey, Tradition and Contemporaneity Catalogue, Manege
Union of Fire and Water, Crimson Flamenco and Evening Flamenco, Spiritual Mission Catalogue №. 4, Russian Museum of Ethnography
2004 Clio and Calypso among Muses, Terra Medica cover, № 1/2004
Oblivion in the Moonlight, Niobey and Cleopatra and Bird, Spiritual Mission Catalogue № 5, Russian Museum of Ethnography
Drawing, Space Manifestation series, White Inter Nights International Drawing Biennale, Catalogue № 2/2004
Oblivion in the Moonlight, Niobey and Cleopatra and Bird, Spiritual Mission Catalogue № 5, Russian Museum of Ethnography
2007-2008 Drawing, Space Manifestation series, White Inter Nights International Drawing Biennale, Catalogue № 2/2004
Personal catalogue of painting, Ewig Weibliche
Birthplace of life, inform-publicistic journal Art-City N3(10)|2005, page 80
Golden Letters of Time, Art-city N4(11)2005, 2-nd page of cover
Letters on Orange, Art-City N1(12)|2006, p.68
Mega-Galaxy, and article in Russian Paper, N20|2006
Night Butterfly, Blue Leda, Erato, Insurgent Two, etc., article, Myths and Legends of Lika Voltchek, Art-City N2(13)|2006, p.9-11
Silver Letters of Time, Art-City N2(13)|2006, p.36
Article, Cosmic Structures, works, photographs, Art-City N3(14)|2006, p.20, p.37, p.63
Article, Energy forms of Sky and Earth, work, Niobey and etc., Art-City N4(15)|2006, p.25-26
Сatalogue, Masters of Petersburg for world’s children, Art-City, p.4-6
Moskaleva Irina
Moskaleva Irina. Antelope
1288 USD
Panasyuk Natalia
Still life with chrysanthemums
Panasyuk Natalia. Still life with chrysanthemums
135 USD
150 USD
Lapovok Vladimir
Northern Fairy Tale. Kizhi
Lapovok Vladimir. Northern Fairy Tale. Kizhi
3390 USD
Denisov Igor
Autumn in the City
Denisov Igor. Autumn in the City
1084 USD
Bruno Tina
Bruno Tina. Bunny
542 USD
Cherkasov Vladimir
White on Blue
Cherkasov Vladimir. White on Blue
1193 USD

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