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Nikolaev Yury. Not titled
Nikolaev Yury.
Not titled

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Fusing panel "Forest coolness 2" fused glass

Repina Elena. Fusing panel "Forest coolness 2" fused glass

The small white flower buds on a dark blue (cobalt) background looks very elegantly! Delicate little forget-me-different shades soften this contrast. Such a panel would not go unnoticed in your interior!
Instead of the panel can I do a clock or a dish of a similar composition, it will be a little more expensive than in the same size, but the size can be made another - within the 40x40 cm with a reasonable price adjustment.

Repina Elena. Fusing panel "Forest coolness 2" fused glass
glass 25cm x 25cm 2015

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112 USD

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