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Zhukovsky Pavel

Sculpture (3 artworks)

The guardian of time
The tree of wisdom
Love is live


Paul Zhukovsky. 1966 g. Moscow.
Live and work in Russia. Mikhailov. Moscow.
Education: Tashkent jewelry school in 1984.
The Tashkent Architectural Institute, 1989.
Professional activity since 1987.
Member of the Union of designers of Uzbekistan» 1989.
the sculpture, subject design,
small architectural forms, architectural decor, painting.
I have experience in the jewelry design, development of design of furniture for the decoration of clothing, footwear, articles of furniture.
Engaged in industrial design, packaging.
At the present time, the creative and professional activities are mainly concerned with the architectural decor, sculpture and case design.

Offer a ready-made creative work, as well as the development of individual projects to the wishes of the customer, ( sculpture, landscape objects, clock, fountains and ) on development of sketches to the final result.
Creative priorities are - the creation of joyful convenient things and artistic works, to the people positive emotions.

Of the exhibition.
The exhibitions were held in the cities of:
Tashkent. Collective exhibition «Union of designers» 1989-1990 g.
Togliatti. Collective exhibition of creative Association «Pantheon» 1996-1998 g.
Zhigulevsk. The collective art exhibition of creative Association «Pantheon» 1997 to 1998.
Moscow. The collective art exhibition «New calendar» of 2012.
Chistyakov Yuri
Illustrations for the novel White Nights by Fyodor Dostoyevsky- 3/81
Chistyakov Yuri. Illustrations for the novel White Nights by Fyodor Dostoyevsky- 3/81
608 USD
Shpak Vycheslav
Shpak Vycheslav. Morning
194 USD
Potapova Elena
Potapova Elena. Reflections
1183 USD
Veranes Tatiana
Veranes Tatiana. Untitled
556 USD
Komarov Nickolay
Komarov Nickolay. Untitled
1392 USD
Panina Kira
Night coffee
Panina Kira. Night coffee
178 USD

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