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Frolov Oleg

Frolov Oleg
Registration 2008.12.27
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     - painting: 700
     - graphics: 581
     - giclee, prints, posters: 569

Painting (707 artworks)

Triptych OF-45 Part. 1 Fragment 1
 OF-45  1.  1
Triptych OF-45
Triptych OF-45. Part 1
 OF-45.  1
Triptych OF-45 Part. 2 Fragment 1
 OF-45.  2.  1

Graphics (56 artworks)

Untitled. t-5
Untitled. t-6
Untitled. t-7
Untitled. t-9

Giclee, prints, posters (174 artworks)

Series 30. Part 31
 30.  31
Series 30. Part 33
 30.  32
Series 30. Part 33
 30.  33
Series 30. Part 34
 30.  34



Studied the art of painting at the Kazan Dramatic Art School. (Kazan),
at the Kazan State Academy for Architecture and Construction, faculty Architecture (kazan),
at the School of Arts named after Serov. (St. Petersburg).
Practical training at the workshops and studios of the Hermitage (St. Petersburg).
In 1985 designed and peinted all scenery and decorations for two operas, Queen of Spades and Bride of the Tzar, at the Kazan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater
named after M. Jal:l (Kazan).

My art is a reaction of my soul to reality in form of abstract visual images.
I try to put all the spectre of human feelings and emotions into my art.
I see unlimited and unique possibilities of showing the existing reality and creation of new realities.
Widening of emotional and visual horizons of perception.
Search and creation of images that cause participation and warm feelings.
It is an improvisation of thoughts, feelings, definite and indefinite actions during the process of creation. Each presents a specific form in a certain time.

Famous designer Sergio Rossi was inspired abstraction Untitled Oleg Frolov and created a model of shoes for his exhibition of the collection.

The famous poet Fernando Sabido Sánchez inspired abstract paintings by Oleg Frolov Diptych "Reflection" and wrote poetry.

Works by Frolov appear in private collections in more than 45 countries around the world.

The Certificate of Authenticity is attached to all works of art.

2017 Exhibition "Not only the painting" in the Central House of Artists Moscow (Russia)
2006-Exhibition at the Central Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists (Kazan, Russia)
2004-Exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts (kazan, Russia)
2003-Exhibition at the Central Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists (Kazan, Russia)
Rudnik Mihkail
Morning in Suzdal
Rudnik Mihkail. Morning in Suzdal
1560 USD
Otroshko Aleksandr
Otroshko Aleksandr. Untitled
10855 USD
Aristova Maria
Apple orchard
Aristova Maria. Apple orchard
651 USD
Gubkin Michail
Monet's Boat
Gubkin Michail. Monet's Boat
746 USD
Medvedev Igor
Medvedev Igor. Forget-me-nots
573 USD
Shpak Vycheslav
Shpak Vycheslav. Untitled
325 USD

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