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Sheglov Dmitriy

Painting (71 artworks)

Road to the temple
Дорога к храму
Copy of the painting by V.G. Perov's "Fisherman"
Копия картины В.Г. Перова "Рыболов"
The first thawed patch
Первая проталина


Well-known Russian painter. Currently lives and works in Ekaterinburg (Russia). Works in easel painting and graphic techniques. Main preference is the Urals landscape and portrait. Has many diploma as the prize-winner of a republican, regional and city art exhibitions. His works are performed in regular expositions of Ekaterinburg city museums and also in private and corporate collections in Russia, Moscow, Europe and USA.

The artist so talks about his professional view:
“I love nature so much, it is perfection, harmony, beauty themselves. All year seasons bring their unique amenity. I am so much excited and inspired by that. My first purpose is to interpreter every thing as precisely as it is, with all the particular details like a photo, to create the full illusion of the reality.”
Simonova Olga
Southern flower
Simonova Olga. Southern flower
106 USD
Kovalenko Lina
Stil life with melon
Kovalenko Lina. Stil life with melon
866 USD
Rubinsky Pavel
Greece, Paros island. At church of a sacred Trinity
Rubinsky Pavel. Greece, Paros island. At church of a sacred Trinity
999 USD
Malivani Diana
The Wheel of Samsara
Malivani Diana. The Wheel of Samsara
4743 USD
Zhinkina Larisa
Not titled
Zhinkina Larisa. Not titled
360 USD
399 USD
Rudnik Mihkail
Small aircraft
Rudnik Mihkail. Small aircraft
799 USD

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