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Mirgorod Igor

Mirgorod Igor
Registration 2008.02.25
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     - painting: 887
     - decor: 459

Painting (706 artworks)

Flying with clouds
Полёт с облаками
Clouds at sunset
Облака на закате
Gladioli. A gift of autumn
Гладиолусы. Подарок осени
Майское утро. Ирисы. Белое с голубым

Decor (3 artworks)

The Three-tuple. Walking on shrovetide
Тройка. Гуляние на масленицу
The Drinking of tea. The Painting on balalaika
Чаепитие. Роспись на балалайке
Skomarohi. The Painting on balalaika
Скоморохи. Роспись на балалайке


About author:

Mirgorod I.P. was born in 1967 in Leningrad area Kirovsk.

1993 - grduated MPGU im. Lenin, art-graphic faculty.

1994 - a member of the International artistic fund.

1996-97 - personal exhibitions in Main architectural-design management (Moscow), Gosduma (Moscow), Management on deals of the President (RF).

1997 - exhibition "Searching for a genre", Central House of Artists (Moscow).

1998 - exhibition in Ukrainian House (Kiev).

1996-2001 - personal exhibitions in galleries "S'ArtE" (Donetsk, Kiev).

2001-2006 - personal exhibitions in Feodosia, Sevastopol, Odessa, Donetsk, Moscow, Elektrostal.

Since 2004 - a teacher of arts in MGOPU im. M.A.SHOLOHOV.

Paintings of the artist are in private collections in Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Austria, India, Israel, USA, Japan and Poland.

Igor Mirgorod died on August 13, 2012.
Mirgorod Igor
Sun and shadows
Mirgorod Igor. Sun and shadows
802 USD
Mirgorod Igor
Mirgorod Igor. Untitled
246 USD
Mirgorod Igor
Holiday. Still life with melon
Mirgorod Igor. Holiday. Still life with melon
2167 USD
Mirgorod Igor
The vineyards of Urbino. Raphael's Childhood
Mirgorod Igor. The vineyards of Urbino. Raphael's Childhood
1166 USD
Mirgorod Igor
Gurzuf Rocks. Summer afternoon
Mirgorod Igor. Gurzuf Rocks. Summer afternoon
754 USD
Mirgorod Igor
Mirgorod Igor. Untitled
246 USD

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