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Kravtsova Leila

Kravtsova Leila
Registration 2020.01.05
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Painting (61 artworks)

The Rape of Europa
Похищение Европы
Autumn on Mars
Осень на Марсе

Giclee, prints, posters (1 artworks)

Women 's T-shirt "Internal space'
Женская футболка с картины "Внутреннее пространство"


Artist Leyla Krutsova was born in Moscow. From childhood she was involved in fine arts because her mother was an artist. She graduated from the art school, architectural college and in 1993 entered the MGHPI named after S.G. Strohanov. At the end of the institute she taught at it. With her husband Vyacheslav Kravtsov founded the drawing studio "KravtsovArt." She released a collection of clothing and accessories with prints of her paintings. In his works promotes a positive attitude towards life and attention to the flora and fauna surrounding us. Participant of Russian and international exhibitions. Her works are in private collections of Russia and abroad.
Belareva Rivka
Not titled
Belareva Rivka. Not titled
1157 USD
Rudnik Mihkail
Flowers No. 32
Rudnik Mihkail. Flowers No. 32
340 USD
Panina Kira
Night coffee
Panina Kira. Night coffee
174 USD
Berestova Ksenia
Still life in the bedroom. Ficus
Berestova Ksenia. Still life in the bedroom. Ficus
680 USD
Chibisova Nataliya
Not titled
Chibisova Nataliya. Not titled
163 USD
Gunin Alexander
The lost umbrella
Gunin Alexander. The lost umbrella
299 USD

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