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Chigodaeva Catherine. Devotion
76cm x 80cm 2019
The artwork is framed
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474 USD

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Genre: Animal
Style: Realism
Publication date: 2020.06.08
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What is loyalty in our popular modern sense? Firmness and immutability of feelings, right? Some form of responsibility in the performance of their duties and duties, more in modern dictionaries can not be found. By the way, on the largest Russian search server queries with the word loyalty only 6000 per month, with the word honor, the meaning of which, by the way, has also been lost about 150,000, and with the word love, which is completely unclear what it means, more than 4500,000 per month, i.e. love is 750 times more popular than devotion, although it is clear that only a deeply devoted person can truly love, as so many bearded classics have told us for centuries, right? So, my dears. The words "loyalty" and "betrayal" have the same root, as we all know. Loyalty, that is, there is nothing unusual in this quality, you know? Its normal to be loyal to someone. To be loyal to someone, to feel some form of responsibility for something or for someone, and what makes me different from all of you today is that for me it is 100% axiom, you know? A given that is so natural that it doesnt even need to be explained. Betrayal is, like, loyalty given to be reviled for a while, you know? And then taken back, that is, to betray. They say that loyalty is not a material phenomenon, and on Earth it serves as a thread that connects people with each other, they also say that this is the most noble and exalted quality of all, it is valuable only when it is fully manifested, without any restrictions, and in this sense it manages to ennoble and elevate even the actions of criminals who faithfully followed their leaders to death, as you know. But my completely aimless and stupid, as it seems, loyalty in times of total egocentrism, when betrayal is the prevailing sense of self-identification of most people, looks just infantile stupidityů
Chigodaeva Catherine
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