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Denisov Igor

Denisov Igor
Registration 2019.08.31
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     - painting: 549
     - graphics: 258

Painting (71 artworks)

Lost in Spring
Затерянный в весне
Dynamics of autumn
Динамика осени
Morning tea
Утренний чай

Graphics (4 artworks)

The Awkward Age
Переходный возраст
Р - Рыбалка
Waiting in the rain
Ожидание под дождем


Born in the city of Tula, Igor Denisov attended the local Art school. Later he studied at the Tula State University, at the faculty of Design and Graphics. In July 2004 he graduated from the University and got the diploma of a graphic designer.
At present Igor Denisov works and lives in Moscow. Actually he is employed as a designer, but painting is his constant love and practice.
Denisov Igor
Under a fir tree
Denisov Igor. Under a fir tree
533 USD
Denisov Igor
Denisov Igor. Windy
533 USD
Denisov Igor
Autumn in the City
Denisov Igor. Autumn in the City
1066 USD
Denisov Igor
Irises 2019
Denisov Igor. Irises 2019
533 USD
Denisov Igor
Farewell to the roses
Denisov Igor. Farewell to the roses
400 USD
Denisov Igor
A little disorder with a cezve
Denisov Igor. A little disorder with a cezve
266 USD

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