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Zakrevskaya Alla

Zakrevskaya Alla
Registration 2019.07.15
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     - painting: 173
     - graphics: 55

Painting (20 artworks)

Himalayas. Mount Kanchenjunga
Гималаи. Гора Канченджанга
Sea symphony
Морская симфония
Moonlight road
Лунная дорога
Dawn after a thunderstorm
Рассвет после грозы

Graphics (3 artworks)

Portrait of a teacher 3
Портрет учителя 3
Portrait of a teacher 2
Портрет учителя 2
Portrait of a teacher 1
Портрет учителя 1


Alla Anatolyevna Zakrevskaya
Painter. Works in the styles of realism, expressionism, symbolism, surrealism, lettrism.
Birth 10.08.1967 Russia.
She received an art education from 1979 to 1992.
Participates in exhibitions since 1985.
Conducts solo exhibitions since 2004.
Since 2006, a member of the International Art Fund of the Moscow Association of Artists.
She has experience teaching in schools, also taught painting at the Cambridge College affiliate in Calcutta.
She travels a lot in Europe and India.
The execution of private orders for paintings. Her paintings are in many private collections.
She has several illustrated books.
Author of the book “The World of Pictures - Mysteries and Reality”.
Zakharov Mikhail
Not titled
Zakharov Mikhail. Not titled
2622 USD
Shalaev Alexey
October. Old Moscow, Danilovsky Val street
Shalaev Alexey. October. Old Moscow, Danilovsky Val street
498 USD
Gappasov Ramil
Moscow. The evening at the Crimean embankment
Gappasov Ramil. Moscow. The evening at the Crimean embankment
229 USD
458 USD
Smirnoff Andrey
Smirnoff Andrey. Talisman
458 USD
Kukueva Svetlana
Not titled
Kukueva Svetlana. Not titled
1180 USD
Volosov Vladmir
Volosov Vladmir. Sunflowers
1048 USD

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