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Zaitseva Anastasia

Zaitseva Anastasia
Registration 2019.06.24
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Dark blue vase
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The three ages of woman
Три возраста женщины


Hello! My name is Anastasia Zaitseva and I’m an artist. I specialize in painting, graphic, illustration.

I graduated from the Feshin Art School (painting department).
My works are kept in private collections in Great Britain, USA, China.

Each of my works is original and performed in one copy.

I work with various materials, the main of which are oil and canvas, or watercolor, gouache, pencils, charcoal and paper.

I’m passionate about studying painting and drawing techniques, painting of the old masters.

I consider myself a modern impressionist. I admire the painting of the French impressionists and post-impressionists.

My goal is to create works that are original in composition and harmonious in color and tone. Creation of works that will delight their viewers.

I hope my art will bring you a lot of positive emotions.

Thanks to everyone who appreciates my work!
Minaev Sergey
Minaev Sergey. Sunflowers
620 USD
Tyutrin Peter
Lindos Boats
Tyutrin Peter. Lindos Boats
2206 USD
Stepanov Pavel
The greatness of the volcano in the mirror of water
Stepanov Pavel. The greatness of the volcano in the mirror of water
965 USD
Stolyarov Vadim
Who am ?
Stolyarov Vadim. Who am ?
15667 USD
Panov Eduard
Panov Eduard. Untitled
510 USD
Shpak Vycheslav
Shpak Vycheslav. Morning
193 USD

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