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Kovalenko Lina. In Koktebel rain  
Kovalenko Lina.
In Koktebel rain

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Butko Vladimir. Attack

In the series "The Templar" will be five pictures (I will write one during the year). Here I want together with you to feel the pile of heavy cavalry, the hopelessness of the first line. The cries of a thousand brothers, flags, the cross of the lord, the clatter of hoofs, the clank of armor, the thrill of those who meet. Probably it turned off the mind completely. It is known that the horses of the knights of heavy cavalry, in large battles, wedge, pig, were also trained to stomp kill and bite. Can you imagine what it was all about? The intervention of the wedges of the heavy cavalry until the late Middle Ages was a trump card in the sleeve of the army. Sometimes the cavalry wedges smashed into many thousands of armies, giving the flanks to deal with hundreds in minutes. Friends Attack

Butko Vladimir. Attack
canvas/oil 50cm x 80cm 2018
The artwork is framed

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159 USD

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