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Sergeev Andrey

Sergeev Andrey
Registration 2018.03.02
ArtNow rating: 580

Painting (61 artworks)

Country still life
Дачный натюрморт
House of Engineer Ipatiev
Дом инженера Ипатьева
Sunset flare in the Mirror City
Закатные блики в Зеркальном городе
A glass of juice in the fresh air.
Стакан сока на свежем воздухе


Before getting a profile education, I was fond of drawing at the amateur level, I worked as an artist-designer and was self-taught and only after entering the Sverdlovsk Architectural Institute, I took drawing and painting lessons from real recognized masters of my work Kostina N.V., Sterligova E.I., Krutskikh E.Yu. Skills of graphic drawing and watercolor painting, have become only the starting point of the creative path. Self-mastered oil painting technique, has become the main direction of my movement. I grew up in a city with a great history, praised by musicians and poets, where old stone merchants' estates store secrets and traditions that go deep into the times. Time changes the appearance of cities, the narrow single-story streets disappear into the past and bright bright avenues come to replace them. I want my audience to know it the way I saw it, fell in love and remember it. The genre of the city landscape, while I see the main direction of my work, but I leave room for genre works.
Fomina Lyudmila
Fomina Lyudmila. Croissants
130 USD
Belareva Rivka
Little red riding hood
Belareva Rivka. Little red riding hood
719 USD
Rudnik Mihkail
Rudnik Mihkail. Rose
196 USD
Potapova Elena
Not titled
Potapova Elena. Not titled
653 USD
Yaskin Vladimir
Yaskin Vladimir. Oasis
614 USD
Bondarev Andrey
On route 23
Bondarev Andrey. On route 23
3204 USD

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