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Paroshin Vladimir. Summer  
Paroshin Vladimir.

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Ovchinnikova Alexandra

Ovchinnikova Alexandra

City:Saint-Petersburg, Russia
URL: //
Contacts:e-mail to the artist's agent
Artworks total: 144
Registration date: 2015.10.09
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Alexandra Ovchinnikova (Sasha Ovchinnikova) was born in 1974 in Leningrad, USSR (presently Saint Petersburg, Russia). She graduated from the Art College named after Nicholas Roerich in 1999 with the excellent marks.
She has been a member of the Russian Union of Artists since 2000 and also of the St. Petersburg Artists' Union (IFA) since 2011.

She is a winner of numerous awards: the Presidential Scholar (2004), the winner of the festival "From Avant-garde to the Present" (2004, 2005), bronze medal IFA (2012), State Scholarship (2014), the Gold Medal for the best solo exhibition IFA (2015).

Ovchinnikova paintings are held in the museums in Pskov, Petrozavodsk, Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Stary Oskol, and many other russian cities. Also there are works in the Hermitage Museum (Vyborg) together with private collections around the world.
She held over twenty solo exhibitions and has been a constant participant of group exhibitions and art projects, including the State Russian Museum (2013, 2014), the Mikhail Shemyakin Fund (2012), "Mitki" Art Center (2012, 2013).

She was 18 years old when she took a pencil and discovered her talent as an artist. Her passion for painting knew no bounds so she always did her best to make her works flawless. Being fascinated by art and painting she achieved great success in record times graduating with the highest grade.
At some point she realized that she needed more than just academic painting and simple drawing so she decided to move from theory to professional art painting practice. She immediately joined the Union of Artists of Russia, and held her first solo exhibition two years later.

It is quite easy to notice the compositional solutions, paints and palette of Paul Gauguin and Henri Matisse in the paintings of Ovchinnikova. The artist does not conceal her passion for the art group "Jack of Diamonds" (I. Mashkov, A. Lentulov, P. Konchalovsky, K. Malevich, D. Burliuk, R. Falk and so on) together with the brushwork of B. Kustodiev.
Today the artist is not confined to any style or direction, she does not join any creative teams, preferring individual creativity. Her interests extend far beyond the Russian avant-garde, impressionism and post-impressionism. Lately she turned onto expressionism of Jackson Pollock and postmodernism in literature by Victor Pelevin. Certainly it is worth mentioning the influence of philosophical texts of Petersburg poet and musician Boris Grebenshchikov ("Aquarium" band), with whom Alexandra once painted a picture together.

Ovchinnikova spends a lot of time in her old house in the Russian village. Here she looks for and finds the subjects for her rural landscapes, scenes of rural life, everyday still lifes.
The river, the field, the flowers, an old farmhouse, the sun - every tiny detail is being caught by the brush and soon bold strokes and vivid colors are brought to the canvas.
Cityscape is a separate big subject of creativity for the artist. Streets, houses and buildings, restaurants and shops, junctions and road signs, cars and urban transport - all of them become valid characters while cityscapes come alive and appear as a genre piece.
Men, women, children, people of different professions, construction workers; animals, cats and dogs - those are not just the characters. People, objects and landscapes are being transformed into an endless picturesque carnival in celebration of life and the extravaganza of emotions. Alexandra Ovchinnikova paintings are so much filled with life and joy and these colors will never fade!

There is no doubt that soon paintings Alexandra Ovchinnikova will take their place in the museum collections. Now the paintings of Alexandra Ovchinnikova are available for sale in the galleries or directly from the artist. The prices of Alexandra Ovchinnikova paintings are now relatively low, still they they can be a great gift with a high collection value.

Painting (130 artworks)

Вечер, белая сирень
Тётя Надя
Сарай и лодки
С горки


Graphics (14 artworks)

Корабль Викинг, Аланды
Монмартр, лестница
Гнилой зуб, храм Берлина
Норвежский фьорд



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