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Svinin Andrey. Peonies with butterflies
Svinin Andrey.
Peonies with butterflies

464 USD
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Skull # 3

Podgaevskaya Marina. Skull # 3

Individual painting!
Sit back, relax and relax in your four walls. Who does not want to? Let your species wander about your room and imagine a magnificent, individual piece of art that gives this room a special atmosphere. The work of art that gives you an individual touch at home. What invites you to relax after a day's work and plunge into other worlds. A picture that allows your living room to become an oasis of sweet inaction and yet radiates spirit and extravagance!

Podgaevskaya Marina. Skull # 3
canvas/oil 84cm x 80cm 2018
Price 2166 USD

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