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Rakhmatulin Roman

Rakhmatulin Roman
Registration 2014.09.06
ArtNow rating:
     - painting: 578
     - batic: 145
     - dolls: 43
     - jeweller art: 51
     - mosaic: 42
     - decor: 45
     - giclee, prints, posters: 400

Painting (599 artworks)

Playing with light
Игра со светом

Batic (1 artworks)


Dolls (1 artworks)


Jeweller art (21 artworks)

Центральный срез
Срез камня
Срез камня, прожилки
Синяя орбита

Mosaic (1 artworks)

Gold on blue
Золото на голубом

Decor (8 artworks)

Izumrud 7/5000 Emerald

Giclee, prints, posters (7 artworks)

Blue Dog and 5th Avenue
Синий Пес и 5th Avenue
Blue Dog and Chrysler Building
Синий Пес и Chrysler Building
Blue Dog and Queens Bridge
Синий Пес и Queens Bridge
Blue Dog and night Washington Square
Синий Пес и ночь Washington Square


Roman Rakhmatulin was born in St. Petersburg in 1986, in the family of a soldier. He studied at the Moscow Architectural College (MKAMS), then at the Moscow Architectural Institute (MARCHI) at evening classes, working in the interior design sphere at the same time. Roman actively dealt with the design of private and public interiors.
In 2011 Roman restarted his career by returning to the painting which he left in his childhood, but not as a part of a professional activity, but as his own spiritual expression. As a result of Roman’s creative, spiritual and geographical searches, within a few years his works passed through all the inhabited continents of the globe with key centers in New York and Moscow. The artist took part in the individual and group exhibitions there.
For the time being Roman’s works are in private and corporate collections in Russia, USA, France, Italy, India, Australia and New Zealand. The artist is not a member of any public creative associations and unions, that gives him the freedom in creative and geographical movements, allows realizing his own vision in paintings and architectural projects. Now he lives and works in Moscow.
In 2020, the artist's works were accepted into the collection of the State Art Museum of the city of Tula, one of the largest in Russia. Thus, choosing Roman's paintings, you acquire works of museum value.
Stepanov Pavel
Storms. Time to go
Stepanov Pavel. Storms. Time to go
6792 USD
Nikolaev Yury
Nikolaev Yury. Untitled
339 USD
Chistyakov Yuri
List of pictures: Samarkand - Bukhara
Chistyakov Yuri. List of pictures: Samarkand - Bukhara
1771 USD
Paroshin Vladimir
Morning in Montmartre
Paroshin Vladimir. Morning in Montmartre
1195 USD
Svetlyy Aleksandr
Cosmic Kundalini
Svetlyy Aleksandr. Cosmic Kundalini
1952 USD
Panasyuk Natalia
Panasyuk Natalia. Untitled
128 USD
142 USD

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