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Rodionov Igor. Not titled
Rodionov Igor.
Not titled

523 USD
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Alexandrovsky Alexander. Kargopol, frost

The artist depicted the old Russian city of Arkhangelsk region Kargopol. Winter. Everything is wrapped up in snow. Looking at the gentle, sometimes pale blue color and light haze in the background of the picture, you smell the frosty fresh air of the old Russian town. On the snow-covered road the village peasant in a warm sheepskin carries logs on a cart. Children, enjoying the snow, ride a sled. Wrapped in a shawl, a woman carries heavy buckets of water on the rocker arm. In the foreground, crows are swimming in the snow. Behind tall birches and fir trees a wooden house hid. The blue domes of the church stand out in bright colors. The whole picture is permeated with creaking frost, the overflow of the church belfry and the incredible freshness of the fabulous Russian winter.

Alexandrovsky Alexander. Kargopol, frost

canvas/oil 55cm x 60cm 2016
Price 523 USD
Painting Kargopol, frost Painting Kargopol, frost. Author: Alexandrovsky Alexander (St.Petersburg, Russia). Medium/technical: canvas/oil. Size: 55cm x 60cm. 2016 1


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