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Filippova Ksenia

Filippova Ksenia
Registration 2012.11.03
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     - painting: 743
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Painting (310 artworks)

Blue and White boats in the morning (from the series "Spanish boats and ships")
Бело-голубые лодки утром (из серии "Испанские лодки и корабли")
Fishing vessel Albo Puertas (from the series Spanish boats and ships)
Рыболовное судно Альбо Пуэртас (из серии Испанские лодки и корабли)
Red, blue and white. From the series Spanish boats and ships
Красный, синий и белый. Из серии Испанские лодки и корабли
At the pier (from the series Spanish boats)
У причала (из серии Испанские лодки)

Graphics (18 artworks)

Селфи на фоне уходящего лета
Свадебный альбом
О чём говорят мужчины

Batic (12 artworks)

Счастливая осень
The evening in a happy city
Вечер в счастливом городе

Jeweller art (1 artworks)

Серьги "Палитра и картина"

Decor (37 artworks)

Marine history (denim jacket, author's painting) front part
Морская история (джинсовая куртка, авторская роспись) передняя часть
Marine history (Denim jacket)
Морская история (джинсовая куртка)
Платок Концерт
Как гномы с розовыми слонами подружились


Ksenia Filippova was born on February the 10th of 1969 in the city of Moscow. She finished the Children School of Artists, sited in the Krasnopresnenskiy region of Moscow, with the best califications in 1986. In 1991, she finished the Graphic-Artist Faculty, in the MGPU University. The diploma of the painting department was obtained with high calification from a still life series defended under the great master pedagogic of painting Valentina Vikentevna Tokareva. During the studies, she started to teach painting, drawing and composition in DKHSH, in the region Krasnopresnenskiy of Moscow. From 1989 to 1994, she worked like a miniature laca painter in a british-russian company; the works were exhibited and sold in London. In 1995 she finished a course about how to design with computers and worked like designer in advertisements for a swiss-russian company. In 2000 she started studies in the Moscow Photography Academy, following later the Pavel Smirnov's master classes of photography. From 2002, she has been working as a professional photographer, instead of working as a professional painter. She dominates the studio technic, report, advertisement and other types of photography. Because of her job, she has traveled to a lot of countries, to photograph and to paint pictures as well.
In 2005 started, finishing in 2008, spanish language studies in the Cervantes Institute of Moscow. Fluent in spanish, fluent also in italian.
She also took part in some colective artists exhibitions, like painting, and design and artistic photographies. In 2002, she had her personal artistic photos exhibition in the Fotocentre of Journalist Union in the Gogol Bulevard in Moscow. She traveled very much making pictures and paintings from different countries. For the Tunisian Foreign Office she had made some photo exhibitions, showing this fascinating country. Like professional photographer, she has worked for many well known magazines, with illustrated series for culinary books.
In 2009 went to Spain, preparing her painting plans there. In 2011 summer, Ksenia took part in an International Painting Prize in Spain, in the city of Burgos, and she got the fourth position, receiving a diploma and money prize for it. The spanish serie of paintings was exhibited in December of 2011 in the education center Intensiv.
In may of 2012 was celebrated her personal painting exhibition in Burgos (Spain). The exhibition was intensively advertised by press, radio and TV.
With no doubt, painting is the favourite artist activity for Ksenia. She likes to experiment, she is in a permanent artistic searching. She doesn't imitate the great masters; by the way, by feelings she is near the impressionists, post-impressionists and fauvists painters. She always paints from life, eventhough she understands that is more comfortable painting in the studio, but it can not be compared with the feeling of being there outside, with the emotions and feelings that you can get from Nature, if you compare with painting copying by photo the same reality. Her prefered genres are: Still-life and landscapes. Paintings of this painter are now in private collections in Russia, Germany and Spain. In the last years, Ksenia has given private classes trying to transmit to her students her optimistic and colourful view of the world.
Filippova Ksenia
Morning at the port
Filippova Ksenia. Morning at the port
737 USD
Filippova Ksenia
Afternoon in the port (from the series "Spanish boats")
Filippova Ksenia. Afternoon in the port (from the series "Spanish boats")
737 USD
Filippova Ksenia
Fishing vessel Albo Puertas (from the series Spanish boats and ships)
Filippova Ksenia. Fishing vessel Albo Puertas (from the series Spanish boats and ships)
670 USD
Filippova Ksenia
In the marina
Filippova Ksenia. In the marina
670 USD
Filippova Ksenia
Blue and White boats in the morning (from the series "Spanish boats and ships")
Filippova Ksenia. Blue and White boats in the morning (from the series "Spanish boats and ships")
871 USD
Filippova Ksenia
In the fishing port
Filippova Ksenia. In the fishing port
737 USD

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