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Smirnoff Andrey

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Japanese motif
Little red hat
White bouquet


Andrey Smirnoff a member of Russian Union of Artists, is one of the most talented and unique modern painter of Russia, was born in 1960 in Nizhniy Novgorod city, Russia

Artist is highly professional, as a result of serious academic training. The artist started his education in the College of Theater in faculty of Decorating, after that graduated from the St.Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts in an atmosphere of great art that had existed there for two centuries.

In 1997 Andrey Smirnoff became a Member of the Russian Union of Artists

Andrey found his own artistic language, which combines knowledge about traditions of classical art and a search for a new plastic form. Artist works in modern style, uses gold and silver elements. He is painter with unique artistic language, powerful brush strokes and contrasting, sensual colors. Andrey paintings three classical forms landscape, still life and portrait. But he well known as creator of amazing portraits of women.

He gets inspiration from mystery of women`s soul. Ladies in artist`s paintings are always full of secrets and self-love. They are flirting with person, who watching at them.

Since 1994 artist took part in a great number of exhibitions around the country and abroad.

The main artist`s exhibitions were in Paris, London, Shanghai, Hamburg, Leon and Saint-Petersburg. His artworks are held in private collections in Russia, China, France, Israel, Germany, Austria, Holland, England, Finland and Norway
In summer 2012 artist`s painting «Forest» 80x100 sm was sold on auction «Dreams 2012» with support Christie`s for 10.000 $, also, at the May 2015 direction of National Museum of Baden-Baden asked artist to present them his painting that was at exhibition there..
Chvanova Tatyana
Night mysteries #1
Chvanova Tatyana. Night mysteries #1
1983 USD
Dzhanilyatii Antonio
Dzhanilyatii Antonio. Bouqet
111 USD
370 USD
Korotkova Yulianna
Not titled
Korotkova Yulianna. Not titled
476 USD
Smorodinov Ruslan
Smorodinov Ruslan. Bouqet
462 USD
Avakov Ilya
Cadillac, Rock-n-roll
Avakov Ilya. Cadillac, Rock-n-roll
264 USD
Levin Anton
Naked on red
Levin Anton. Naked on red
925 USD

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