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Volosov Vladmir. Entrohy
canvas/oil 76cm x 61cm 2020

Price 1587 USD

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Publication date: 2021.10.02
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There is no doubt that visual art is a powerful medium. It has the ability to inspire and to move us deeply.
Abstract art presents itself as an art with spots of color, which does not accurately represent real life, but instead expresses an unconscious creative process
The authors goal is to engage the viewer in the creative process. He invites the viewer to go their own way and become a co-author, to see the image with his own eyes.
Painting Entropy The simplest explanation of entropy in laymans terms is the measure of chaos in a system. From this, you can infer that there is a massive amount of different color regions, without distinct borders, all blending together, capturing chaos.
(Add this if you like: The artist, Vladimir Volosov, comes from a background of a storied career in physics and other sciences, and the synthesis of his two lives, the artist and the scholar, comes together in this extraordinary painting, Entropy.)
The authors paintings are featured in fine art galleries, and private and corporate art collections
Keywords: composition
Volosov Vladmir
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Volosov Vladmir
Volosov Vladmir. Entrohy
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