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Gerasimova Natalia

Gerasimova Natalia
Registration 2012.03.11
ArtNow rating:
     - painting: 707
     - graphics: 465
     - art glass: 414
     - decor: 432
     - copies: 540

Painting (363 artworks)

Boats on the Trubezh River
Golden day at the Lublino estate
Suzdal Kremlin on a cloudy day
Autumn time

Graphics (22 artworks)

On the edge of the forest
old house
In the winter forest
Rowan bullfinches

Art glass (2 artworks)

Decor (9 artworks)

Magic torch
Stash for money "Rose"
Golden Pavlovsk
Stash "Autumn Gold"
 " "

Copies (14 artworks)

A copy of a painting by Terry Doughty
A copy of a Dutch still life
Peasant girl
A copy of a painting by Hans Zatski "Classical idyll"
     " "


Born in the small town of Temirtau, Karaganda region.Running and on the order in the genre of landscape, portrait, still life, genre scenes, animals (animals), copies of paintings.1998 - 2003 years. - School of Arts. Gaziza Zhubanova (teacher Bogza EE)2006 - 2009 years. - Improvement of artistic skills in a private studio (teacher Nikulaeva LA)2007 - 2011 years. - Karaganda State University. EA Buketov, specialty "Art and Drawing" (workshop Kalmahanova MS)Participation in exhibitions2007 - Diploma III Kazakhstan competition for young designers (Almaty)2008 - Regional Summary exhibition (Karaganda)2009 - Regional exhibition of young artists (Karaganda)2009 - exhibition "Artists of the artists and the art" (Karaganda)2009 - Exhibition "Flower opening day" (Temirtau)2010 - Regional exhibition of young artists (Karaganda)2010 - Regional Summary exhibition Artists Union Karaganda2011 - personal exhibition "Great Steppe in my work" (Karaganda)2011 - Regional Spring Exhibition (Karaganda)2011 - exhibition dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Karaganda)2012 - Regional Spring Exhibition (Karaganda)2012 - August, the Summer Exhibition of Young Artists (Temirtau).2012 - October, a regional exhibition of young artists (Karaganda).2012 - November, the Republican contest of creative youth "Shabyt" nomination "Art" (Astana).2012 - December, the regional reporting exhibition of the Union of Artists (Karaganda).Since 2009 - member of the creative association of young artists at the GS-TS "Artists Union Karaganda."His works are in private collections in Russia, Lithuania, Germany, Kazakhstan and Karaganda Museum of Fine Arts.
Yaskin Vladimir
Mauritanian lawn
Yaskin Vladimir. Mauritanian lawn
943 USD
Gritsenko Valentina
Frame of Mind
Gritsenko Valentina. Frame of Mind
915 USD
Kharchenko Victoria
Kharchenko Victoria. Midday
2746 USD
Korotkov Valentin
Korotkov Valentin. Morning
2112 USD
Boev Sergey
Boev Sergey. Duo
422 USD
Shchupak Victor
Pink House
Shchupak Victor. Pink House
380 USD

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