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Panchenko Viktor

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Still life with a pipe


Viktor Panchenko was born in 1949 in Samarkand (Uzbekistan).
In 1969 he graduated from the Tashkent Art College. Benkov (painting department).
In 1974, Tashkent. - Gos.Konservatoriyu class conductor.
Professionally engaged in painting for over 35 years.
In his paintings seeks to combine instant and eternal, the two began.
The subject - a blend of fiction and life associations.

Major exhibitions:

1980 - personal exhibition in the Palace of Youth (Tashkent.Uzbekistan).

1989 - personal exhibition (Kaunas.Litva)

1990 - "Artists of Uzbekistan" (San-Frantsisko. USA).

1997, 1999. - Personal exhibition at the Art Museum.
Simferopol. Krym.

2000 - Exhibition in Gallery "CEP" (Simferopol. Krym).

2003 personal exhibition in "Gallery of European Contemporary Art"
(Praga. Chehiya).

2006, 2007. solo exhibitions at the gallery "Green Pyramid".
Sebastopol. Crimea.

2010 "Two white angel" - solo exhibition at the gallery "
"Green Pyramid". Sebastopol. Crimea.

2011 - exhibition "Tradition and Modernity." Manege, Moscow.

2011 - exhibition "Crimean Vacation" gallery "Sovkom", Moscow.

2011 - Moscow State Exhibition Hall "Creativity."
2nd International Art Festival "Constellation visions." Paintings, drawings

Her paintings are in collections:
Gos. Museum of Oriental Art;

Gos. Museum of Fine Arts (Tashkent.Uzbekistan);

Gos. Museum of History, Art and Culture (Samarkand. Uzbekistan);

Gos. Museum of Art (Kaunas. Lithuania);

The Museum of Modern Art (Seul. South Korea);

Museum of Art (Simferopol. Crimea);

"Private gallery Fr. Mitterrand" (Parizh. France);

"Gallery of European Contemporary Art" (Praga. Czech Republic);

Berlusconi's private collection (Rom Italy).
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