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Dobrovolskaya Gayane

Dobrovolskaya Gayane
Registration 2011.10.24
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     - painting: 705
     - graphics: 644
     - decor: 531
     - copies: 542

Painting (738 artworks)

Family, from nature and with a photo
Семья, с натуры и с фото
Mom and two sons, from nature
Мама и два сынка, с натуры
Cafe on Maroseyka street
Кафе на Маросейке
Cafe in Lyon
Кафе в Лионе

Graphics (676 artworks)

Harsh girl
Резкая девушка
The girl in the chair
Девушка в кресле
Girl on the bench
Девушка на скамейке
Brown-eyed girl, from nature
Кареглазая девушка, с натуры

Decor (52 artworks)

I loved Edward Steeplewood (illustrations to Milorad Pavich)
Я любил Эдварда Стиплвуда (иллюстрации к Милораду Павичу)
Dante and Boccaccio, illustrations for Milorad Pavic
Данте и Бокаччо, иллюстрации к Милораду Павичу
Caryatid and Atlas
Кариатида и Атлант
Caryatid and Atlas
Кариатида и Атлант, вариант расположения

Copies (27 artworks)

Arrived on vacation (fragment)
Прибыл на каникулы (фрагмент)
Arrived on vacation (fragment)
Прибыл на каникулы (фрагмент)
Arrived for the holidays
Прибыл на каникулы


Was born in Yerevan in 1955, grew up in Ryazan. Engaged in painting since childhood, since childhood creats portraits and paintings. After school, she studied at the Ryazan Art School. Then in the art department of a textile institute. In 1986 graduated from the Art Department of the Institute of Technology with a degree in "Applied art - ceramics." 10 years engaged in ceramics, then returned to painting.
Member of the creative association "Artist", the Creative Union "Springs", association of women artists "Irida", the International Arts Fund.

Over the past decade involved about two hundred exhibitions, including: "Space", "Lilac", "Journey through Spain", "Italy", "Ethnic", "Literary Inspiration" - in the Gallery "Tushino", "Summer Kaleidoscope "" Summer Fairy Tale ", " The Artist and the City ", " Favourite corner "- in the Gallery" On Kashirka ", " Moscow pastel" in Gallery " Kuznetsky, 20 ", and many others.

Actively participates in various art events organized in Moscow: "Night at the Museum, " "Biblionoch", "Drawing the Pokrovsky Cathedral" and others.

Over the past fifteen years has drew and painted more than three thousand portraits, of which about five hundred are oil paintings. And still about fifteen hundred cartoons. Also, painted about two thousand sketches and more than a hundred paintings on various subjects, including historical.
Master conducts master-classes "portrait from life "a la prima"

She has participated in international exhibitions: Biennalе Pastel in Lyon (2012 and 2014)., Biennale Pastel in Oviedo (2013, received the diploma of the finalist), "Bridges of Friendship" in Rome (2013), "Women in the arts of the modern world" (2013, Moscow ), "Her Presence in Colour" in Mongolia (2014), the 3-d and the 4-th Biennale Pastel in Oviedo (february 2016 and 2018)
Komarova Elena
Komarova Elena. Bridge
958 USD
Volosov Vladmir
The wave
Volosov Vladmir. The wave
1369 USD
Ivanova Olga
Ivanova Olga. Friday
273 USD
Vedeshina Zinaida
Autumn in the garden
Vedeshina Zinaida. Autumn in the garden
1232 USD
Paroshin Vladimir
Paroshin Vladimir. Untitled
2739 USD
Filippova Ksenia
Fishing boats of Castro Urdiales (from the series "Spanish boats")
Filippova Ksenia. Fishing boats of Castro Urdiales (from the series "Spanish boats")
684 USD

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