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Nemakin Aleksandr

Nemakin Aleksandr
Registration 2011.04.27
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Winter landscape with a river
The old man with the Canary
Summer. Noon
Spring in the mountains

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I was born on January 5th, 1959 in Baku (Azerbaijan).
In 1979 I graduated from Azim-zade Art School in Baku. In 1983 I entered the Repin St.Petersburg State Academy Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (now Russian Academy of Arts) and
in 1989 I graduated from Academy.
The same year I entered the monumental painting art class of Russian Academy of Arts, which I graduated from in 1992.
Since 1990 I’am a member of Russian Painters' Union. Since 1996 to 2001 I lectured painting, drawing and composition at the Academy of Arts at Department of Architecture.
I participated in numerous exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

Since 1990 - Annual exhibitions at the Painters' Union in St.-Petersburg.
1994-1996 - work in Spain (private galleries).
The participant and the author of paintings in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow.
1997 - the Exhibition in Dublin (Ireland).
1998 - the Exhibition in Berlin (Germany).
1999 -some pictures have been bought by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.
1999-2004 - exhibitions from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia within the bounds of a cultural exchange abroad:
2. China
3. Germany
4. Sweden
5. Italy
6. Switzerland
7. Finland
2005 - the Exhibition in Shanghai (China).
2008 - the All-Russia exhibition in Moscow.
2008 - the Exhibition in gallery "Kart.Inna" Almaty (Kazakhstan).
2009 - the Exhibition of the Petersburg painters in Astana (Kazakhstan).
2009 - the Exhibition "50 (50+1)" - the Painter’s Union Saint Petersburg.
2010 - the Exhibition "ZKultUra 2010" - the Painter’s Union Saint Petersburg.
2010 - the Exhibition in Shenyang (China).
Pictures are in private galleries in the USA, China, France, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Finland, Sweden.
I prefer academic realism where I can properly reveal my professionalism.
” His art style is based on excellent knowledge of an object and craftsmanship of realistic expression of its essence. [] He successfully works in various genres painting like portrait, genre composition, landscape, academy figure, still life. His pictures are found its level both in private collections both in public places. [] In spite of stylistic resemblance to the other famous painters Alexander Nemakin keeps his own style and character in every his picture. It’s very important to him to reveal his personal attitude to the subject of a picture. Like old masters Nemakin prepare the canvas by himself attentively choosing the coating components. Alexander Nemakin’s art methods permit him to express people and nature romantic senses, passion and inspiration. Using time-proved painting technique the painter ensure long existence to his pictures. []
To date more than 500 of his pistures are in private collections in Russia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Canada, United States of America, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan and other countries.”
Nina Kutejnikova,
Professor of Russian Academy of Arts
Member of International Association of Art Experts
Sedyh Olga
Cherry in clouds
Sedyh Olga. Cherry in clouds
441 USD
Gappasov Ramil
Not titled
Gappasov Ramil. Not titled
475 USD
Malykh Evgeny
Peonies and fruits
Malykh Evgeny. Peonies and fruits
339 USD
Apazidis Dimitris
Madrid. Spain
Apazidis Dimitris. Madrid. Spain
448 USD
Andrianov Andrey
Not titled
Andrianov Andrey. Not titled
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Mirgorod Igor
Not titled
Mirgorod Igor. Not titled
339 USD

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