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Oligerov Alexander. Successful foray  
Oligerov Alexander.
Successful foray

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Oligerov Alexander

Oligerov Alexander

City:Novgorod, Russia
URL: //
Contacts:e-mail to the artist
Artworks total: 197
Registration date: 2007.01.05
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     - painting: 824
     - graphics: 447
     - giclee, prints, posters: 490

Alexander Oligerov was born in 1965. In 1985 he graduated from Donetsk State Art Institute with honors, faculty of design. In 1993 he graduated from Russian State Pedagogical University in St.Petersbourg, faculty of Graphical Art.
Since 1993 he has been the member f the International Federation of Artists attached to UNESCO.
Since 2000 he has been the member of the Russian Union of Artists. Since 2009 he has been the member of Paris Unit of Artist “Les Seize Anges".
He is docent of Fine Art department of Novgorod State University,

In 2004 at the international festival of arts "Master-class" in St.-Petersburg (the president of festival was M. Piotrovsky director of State Museum of Hermitage, Alexander Oligerov has won the first prize and " the Cap of the master " in "The Best painting" nomination.

In 2007 Russian State Academy of Art has awarded him the silver medal of Academy (for his pictures on the exhibition "250 years of Russian State Academy of Art).In 2007 year Oligerov’s pictures represents the Europe Art (among other 30 artists) at the international Art-Fair “OPEN ART” “Five Continents Artists Meeting” in Paris (Atelier Grognard Rueil Malmaison).
In 2011 (Year of Russia in Italy) at the international web-competition of arts "Made in Russia" (it was organized by Milan's gallery "Open Art Milano") Alexandr Oligerov has won the first prize and has showed his exhibition in Milan.
In 2016 year at the bigest international competition of arts in Asia "Art Revolution Taipei" Alexandr Oligerov has won the Grand prize and Prize of Chairman of Jury.
Oligerov’s pictures are in a collection of the State regional Novgorod museum. The state museum of the Russian Academy of arts. In private collections, greatest of which is the collection of vice-president of corporation “Samsung " Mr. Li Gil Han (more than 40 pictures)
1997–1999 - exhibitions in «Stallen Gallery» Fredrikstad, Norway;
2000 – exhibition in «Crosna Gallery», Moscow;
2000 – exhibition in grand-hotel «Europe», St. Petersburg;
2001 – exhibition at university of Strasbourg, France;
2002 – exhibition in Russian Art Centre of Helsinki, Finland
2002 – exhibition in “Paradise Gallery”, Moscow.
2003 – exhibition in gallery “EXPO-88”, Moscow.
2007 – exhibition in gallery “BBK” Bielefeld, Germany
2008 – 2009 exhibitions in gallery “Gavart” Paris
2009 – exhibition in international movie-festival “Cinema about the sea” in Saint-Petersburg
2010 – exhibition in hotel “Ritz” (Moscow)
2010 – exhibition in Krouvi exhibition halls in Lappeenranta /Finland/
2010 – exhibition in gallery “Villa des tourelles”, (Nanterre, France)
2011 – exhibition in gallery “Open Art Milan”, (Milan, Italy)
2012 - exhibition in Museum of nonconformism art in St. Petersburg /art-center "Pushkinskaya 10/
2012 – exhibition in gallery “Nest Pop-up Galerie”, (Geneva, Switzerland)
2013 - solo exhibition in «Al gallery», St. Petersburg
2014 - solo exhibition in «exhibition center ArtPlay», «East meets west Gallery» Moscow
2015 - solo exhibition in «exhibition center of Union of Moscow artists», «My birds» Moscow;
2016 - solo exhibition in «Master Gallery», «38 steps to the White» St. Petersburg;
2016 - solo exhibition in «St.Petersburg Museum of Contemporary Art "Erarta"», «Color dreams» St. Petersburg;
2016 - solo exhibition in «"Art Zone 798” («Zoya Art Gallery»)», Beijing (China);

“What really wins over in the works of Alexander Oligerov – that is the fact that he does not dresses up in anything. Because of wit brains or simple-heartedness he happily and seriously makes a declaration of love to the subject. A Man surpassed modernism. He could go further by the crooked and smooth path of contemporary Art, but thought it out and stayed in bounders oil Painting. His choice (I hope, deliberate). His right.”
Marina Koldobskaya, “The New World of Art” journal 4 (1999), Saint-Petersburg.

Painting (172 artworks)

Первым классом
Белая ворона
Дольче вита (Сладкая жизнь)
Солнечный удар


Graphics (8 artworks)

Экономический прогноз на 2012
Облако в штанах
Шервудские зонтики


Giclee, prints, posters (17 artworks)

Автобусик счастья (высококачественный принт на холсте)
Важные птицы (высококачественный принт на холсте)
Интернет сообщество



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Oligerov Alexander.
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Oligerov Alexander. White bull

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