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Ageeva-Usova Irina

Ageeva-Usova Irina
Registration 2010.08.07
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     - painting: 613
     - graphics: 550
     - decor: 458
     - copies: 412

Painting (168 artworks)

Pomegranate Season
Сезон граната
To Yalta
В Ялту

Graphics (162 artworks)

Осенними тропами. Ставри-Кайя.
Утро на набережной
House with a rotunda
Дом с ротондой
Summer all year round
Лето круглый год

Decor (9 artworks)

Autumn in the Crimea. Sycamore
Осень в Крыму. Платан
Dark blue tulips
Синие тюльпаны

Copies (1 artworks)

The Last Supper
Тайная вечеря


Ageeva (maiden name) Irina Mikhaylovna was born in Russia, in the small city of Dyatkovo famous for a long period of time for its crystal workpieces. Felt propensity for painting in the early childhood and studied it do-it-yourself and in the lessons at children's art school as well. Parents didn't allow to leave and enter in prestigious high school, but already being adult (Usova, married name) graduated from arts and crafts department of pedagogical university of Bryansk. Worked as a designer in different spheres. Additional education - design courses at MGTU (Moscow State Technical University) named after Bauman. Now I am engaged in polygraphy design, web-design, painting and teaching whenever possible, but am an artist on calling. I live in Moscow with daughter. Participated in 2 painting exhibitions within the Christian theatrical festival in Moscow, in 2008 and 2011. The second was personal. Generally I have more than 100 painting many of which are owned in Russia, some in the USA, and now in Germany. All works - originals, author's copying in exceptional cases.
Volya Alexander
Volya Alexander. Autumn
125 USD
249 USD
Smorodinov Ruslan
Still life
Smorodinov Ruslan. Still life
631 USD
Volkov Sergey
Autumn at the Repin Akademic dacha (etude)
Volkov Sergey. Autumn at the Repin Akademic dacha (etude)
533 USD
Samokhvalov Alexander
Sochi coast
Samokhvalov Alexander. Sochi coast
231 USD
Mishagin Andrey
Spring in the mountains
Mishagin Andrey. Spring in the mountains
72 USD
Makhnach Valeria
Makhnach Valeria. Untitled
350 USD

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