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Charova Natali

Charova Natali
Registration 2010.02.07
ArtNow rating:
     - painting: 517
     - graphics: 434
     - copies: 283

Painting (103 artworks)

A ray of light
Луч света
Two trees (etude)
Два дерева (этюд)
View of the Rostov Kremlin
Вид на Ростовский кремль

Graphics (57 artworks)

View from the window 2
Вид из окна 2
November sky
Ноябрьское небо
После полудня

Copies (5 artworks)

"Древо жизни" копия работы Климта
Тихая вода
Based Mone
По мотивам Моне


Graduated from Southern Federal University: theory and history of art.
I work in watercolors, oils, and tempera paints. Sometimes I use mixed techniques.
I find inspiration in nature: the movement of water, the expanse of the steppe, the rustle of grasses, the sound of wind in the leaves. Therefore, I am more inclined to depict landscapes. Sometimes real, sometimes abstract.
Recently, I have also been interested in urban landscapes.The theme of space and time, the definition of a person's place in them, encourages me to create. And I try to reveal these themes through feelings, and not through a direct image. Because I always remember that in art, feelings are important, not their imitation.
Abstraction is also my love in painting, and I'm looking for ways to express myself. Now I try to simplify the composition, find the main thing in the plot and remove all the small details.

Participation in exhibitions:
- Russian Art Week 2017 in Moscow
- Russian Art Week 2018 in Moscow
- 12 Autumn exhibition of artists of the Don 2019
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Soft contact # 1
Denisov Igor. Soft contact # 1
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Landscape with a minaret 2
Shchupak Victor. Landscape with a minaret 2
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Sea shore
Kovalenko Lina. Sea shore
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Sunny day
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Let me think!
Fomina Lyudmila. Let me think!
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Konstantin Pavel. Iris
1394 USD

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