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Kruglova Svetlana

Kruglova Svetlana
Registration 2009.06.18
ArtNow rating: 729

Painting (726 artworks)

Steppe breeze
White Lilac
July herbs
Sounds roses


2012 - member of the Trade Union of Independent Artists
2014 - Member of the Artists Union of Russia

1994 - exhibited in galleries Plastovskoy.
1999 - exhibited in galleries Plastovskoy.
2002 - the personal exhibition in Ulyanovsk.
2012 - participated in the exhibition "Heat the Soul" in Nizhny Tagil in the first medical center.
2012 - participates in the city exhibition "Great walk through the small town", dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the city of Forest, in the town museum.
2012 - personal exhibition "Reflection Kruglovs" in Tipo cafe, Tipo Hotel in Moscow.
2012 - personal exhibition in the restaurant "Capriccio" in Khimki.
2012 - personal exhibition in the Art Café "Lafite" in Moscow.
2012 - personal exhibition "Touching Eternity" in the State Exhibition Hall "Varshavka", Moscow.
2013 - personal exhibition in Antikafe yostudio of Moscow street. Most Novodmitrovskaya d. 36 p. 12.
2013 - an exhibition in the cafe "Tandem" of Moscow street. Agriculture, 16 a.
2013 - personal exhibition "Reflection of vision" in the exhibition hall "Bogorodskoe" in Moscow.
2013 - personal exhibition in the exhibition hall "On the Road" in Moscow.
2013 - personal exhibition "Golden Ring of Russia", dedicated to the Day of Moscow in the exhibition hall "Zelenograd".
2013 - participates in the International Exhibition "Peace Through Art", the exhibition "Museum of the World" in the Central House of Artists. Fund support, develop and promote the ideas of peace "Peacemaker"
2014 - participated in the exhibition at the Museum "Moscow City" (JSC "City") Federation Tower "Moscow City" through the eyes of artists. "Cityscape.
2014 - participated in the exhibition "The tower and dome" at the Museum "Moscow City".
2014 - participated in the exposition "Museum City" in "Masterslavle."

Born in the city of Ulyanovsk. At 9 years old my mother and I traveled to Leningrad, where a friend of my mother's friend two weeks from morning till evening took us to numerous museums, hung with paintings of great artists. I view the paintings with great passion, and I told myself that I would be an artist. Then I was happy that I realized why I live. Painting became my goal in life. In 13 years, I went in a circle drawing house pioneers. And in 15 years, I decided to go to Ulyanovsk Pedagogical College of Art and graphics department. But my mom told me to enroll in pre-school office, saying that an art teacher at the school will work hard, that teenagers generally difficult to work with. I listened to it yet because the children I am also very fond of. After graduating from preschool branch, I got married and moved to Lithuania with her husband to the military. In Kaunas, every Sunday I visited the museum, where it was Western European painting. In 1990 I graduated from Kaunas Art School. In those years, I loved to paint portraits of people. But I began a creative crisis and the first decade of the new century, I do not take brush in hand, with a few exceptions. And since 2009, with a new enthusiasm to discover the world of colors. I was particularly fascinated by roses. This queen of flowers, I began to write with great inspiration. Dissolve rose excites me and awe.

Works by Svetlana Kruglova are in galleries and private collections in Russia and abroad.

Page my daughter -
Pitaev Valery
Venice. Arcade
Pitaev Valery. Venice. Arcade
83 USD
Rubinsky Pavel
Autumn sketch
Rubinsky Pavel. Autumn sketch
1116 USD
Volosov Vladmir
Birches in the forest
Volosov Vladmir. Birches in the forest
558 USD
Pryadko Yuri
Village before the dawn
Pryadko Yuri. Village before the dawn
837 USD
1674 USD
Medvedev-Orlovskiy Igor
Blue bird
Medvedev-Orlovskiy Igor. Blue bird
893 USD
1050 USD
Chistyakov Yuri
Illustrations for the novel White Nights by Fyodor Dostoyevsky- 32/81
Chistyakov Yuri. Illustrations for the novel White Nights by Fyodor Dostoyevsky- 32/81
609 USD

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