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Boyko Evgeny

Boyko Evgeny
Registration 2009.04.18
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     - painting: 822
     - wall painting: 491

Painting (191 artworks)

Bull, moving forward
Бык, движение вперёд
Sailing yacht
Парусная яхта
Mosow lane
Московский переулок

Wall painting (9 artworks)

Чудо-чудное, диво-дивное (фрагмент 2)
Чудо-чудное, диво-дивное (фрагмент 3)
Чудо-чудное, диво-дивное (фрагмент 4)
Чудо-чудное, диво-дивное (фрагмент 5)


Evgenie Bojko was born in 1967 in the city of Almetyevsk. Now lives and works in Moscow. A member of Moscow Mezhdunorodnogo of Fund of Assistance of UNESCO. A member of the Union of Artists. The Member-korespondent Petrovsky акодемии sciences and arts.

In E.Bojko's products lightness of the written subjects, almost inaudible fragility and, maybe, even easy unreality of the action occurring in the image is felt. Especially it is appreciable in the works devoted sea мематике where the author, using so the combinations of light tones grown fond to it, achieves the most exact transfer romantic mood and some imagination, so necessary at work in this genre. Dominating presence of white colour in pictures gives sensation of internal cleanliness and harmony, associates with dream flight. Evgenie Bojko's modern art erases sides between traditional concepts of painting and a drawing. Its style does symbolical tendencies to impose a paint, is masterful achieving a transparency of dab and use of a line of a contour for outlines of figures and subjects. In the works the artist tries to achieve sincere вырожения mood, instead of simply sound execution поставленой before itself of a problem.

1992 - Exhibition, the Moscow time "a concert hall of a name of Tchaikovsky, Moscow a 1993 - exhibition, the Person and a city", ЦДХ, Moscow. 1993 - Internatsianalnyj cultural festival, the Arena, Moscow. A 1993 - exhibition in galleries, Inter-Art-Galeri-Rajh ", Cologne, Germany. A 1993 - exhibition, From Russia with love", gallery, Milano ", Amsterdam, the Netherlands a 1994 - exhibition in galleries, Het Nive Hon", Mepol, the Netherlands. A 1995 - exhibition, Vesna-95 ", gallery, Nagornaja", Moscow. A 1995 - exhibition in galleries HL, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. A 1997 - exhibition, Artists of Moscow suburbs 850лет to Moscow, Moscow, the Krutitsky shaft. 1997 - VIII an exhibition of products of Artists central облостей Russia, ЦДХ, Moscow. A 1998 - personal exhibition Gazprom, Moscow. A 1999-exhibition in the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. A 1999 - exhibition, the Sun "in ЦДХ, Moscow. A 2000 - exhibition in Vancouver, Canada a 2000-exhibition in Vislere, Canada 2002 - exhibition ЦДХ, Moscow a 2003-personal exhibition gallery, a flute, " Zelenograd a 2004-exhibition, выставычный a hall of Tushino, the Nature of the northwest of Moscow "a 2005-personal exhibition Gazprom, Moscow a 2006 - personal exhibition in the Federation Council, Moscow a 2007-exhibition in Gosudarstvenoj to the Duma, Moscow a 2008-personal exhibition Gazprom, Moscow
Filippova Ksenia
At the Gaona restaurant (from the series "Spanish bars. Spanish Street Nightlife")
Filippova Ksenia. At the Gaona restaurant (from the series "Spanish bars. Spanish Street Nightlife")
404 USD
Aronov Aleksey
Aronov Aleksey. Untitled
270 USD
539 USD
Alexandrovsky Alexander
Anichkov Bridge, Fontanka river, Saint Petersburg
Alexandrovsky Alexander. Anichkov Bridge, Fontanka river, Saint Petersburg
485 USD
Lapovok Vladimir
Lapovok Vladimir. Untitled
4045 USD
Bruno Tina
Bruno Tina. Pond
364 USD
Volya Alexander
Our Yard
Volya Alexander. Our Yard
94 USD
188 USD

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