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Path to harmony

Stolyarov Vadim. Path to harmony
canvas/oil 207cm x 150cm 2018

Price 22278 USD

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Publication date: 2018.07.07
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The picture is completely painted with a palette knife. Winner of the international art competition "Artex Awards". AEA -2018 (Autumn)
Painting "the way to harmony" Nomination-Painting-Silver medal of the AEA-2018 competition

The painting depicts the 10 commandments. The stripes symbolize the human aura. White aura characterizes spiritual people with wisdom and high level of consciousness. White is the most perfect color. The purple-gold hue of the aura symbolizes the highest level of the spiritual level of a person. The picture is also encrypted message. To those who first read it, give one of your paintings.
Stolyarov Vadim
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