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Dyachenko Alyena

Dyachenko Alyena
Simpferopol, Russia
Registration 2016.01.24
ArtNow rating:
     - painting: 593
     - graphics: 575
     - art embroidered painting: 518
     - copies: 489

Painting (35 artworks)

Amber sunset (2nd version)
Янтарный закат (2-й вариант)
Златовласая Осень
Once upon a time...

Graphics (49 artworks)

Redhead bystander
Рыжий созерцатель
Bunches of grapes
Кисти винограда
Forest Nymph
Лесная Мавка

Art embroidered painting (18 artworks)

Volga expanses
Волжские просторы
Лесная речка
Spill (1st option)
Разлив (1-й вариант)
Горное озеро

Copies (13 artworks)

Still life with grapes,the second option
Натюрморт с виноградом,второй вариант
The Way to the Land of the Elves
Путь в страну эльфов
Янтарный закат


Alyona Dyachenko was born in the Urals in February 1960. She spent her youth in the Crimea. During her studies in a secondary school, she also attended fine art courses and took private lessons from famous artists Name Izhboldin and Name Rapoport. During the lifetime Alyona have got lots of different professions. She worked as a graphic designer, seamstress, seller, engineer-technologist. In 2003, as a result of unsuccessful surgery, Alyona was registered as a disabled. Art became the foundation of her later life. Embroidery, watercolor, oil painting - all her works are full of love of life and beauty. Landscapes, still life, portraits, animals. The artist works in various genres and techniques and continues to learn and study. Her works could be found in private collections in Russia, Ukraine, USA, Canada, South Africa.
Garcia Luis
Garcia Luis. Lion
746 USD
Zhuravleva Elizaveta
Zhuravleva Elizaveta. Untitled
203 USD
Mirgorod Igor
The sky of the old castle
Mirgorod Igor. The sky of the old castle
1235 USD
Yunina Elena
Mom's flowers
Yunina Elena. Mom's flowers
271 USD
Kogut Irina
Kogut Irina. Driftwood
407 USD
Boyko Evgeny
Boyko Evgeny. Chalet
475 USD

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