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Bazhenov Sergey

Bazhenov Sergey
Registration 2008.06.16
ArtNow rating:
     - painting: 663
     - graphics: 485
     - dolls: 446
     - sculpture: 449
     - wall painting: 433
     - decor: 457
     - airbrush: 439
     - giclee, prints, posters: 397

Painting (377 artworks)

Golden Cage
Strings of the soul
Sky diving
Sky diving

Graphics (24 artworks)

the novel
back streets
back streets
dead geisha
dead geisha
street life
street life

Dolls (12 artworks)

Juanito of Mezcal
Drunk knight

Sculpture (9 artworks)

husband for an hour

Wall painting (3 artworks)

wall art list
The English pub

Decor (68 artworks)

Difficult childhood
A good catch

Airbrush (7 artworks)

Harley Quinn 3
Harley Quinn 2
Harley Quinn
Mr. Burns

Giclee, prints, posters (5 artworks)

Autumn motive
Blues of winter city
After a rain
simpfony streets 1u


S.Bazhenov was born in. Volga
The Volgograd area. In 1992. Has stopped
Art - graphic faculty
Kursk Pedagogical institute.
Since 1989 starts to participate in exhibitions.
2001 enters in Professional
The union of Artists.
2017 - laureate of the people prize them. Malevich

The basic exhibitions:
1992-participant and the organizer of an exhibition "Spirit", the House of Knowledge, Kursk;
1993-participant of exhibitions in the Movie centre on Red Presnya, Moscow;
- "Pure art", Kursk;
- unzevo a showroom, Moscow;
- Gallery " Izograph ", Moscow;
- Participation in festival of Solar movement. A showroom of the Union of artists
Russia, Kursk;
- An exhibition « Week of mercy », Kursk;
- Exhibitions in the City House of Culture, Kursk;
1994-participant of an exhibition of " the Paint of a life », the Central House of the Artist, Moscow;
- A personal exhibition in the House of Knowledge, Kursk;
- Participation in festivals of Solar movement;
- An exhibition of young artists (a regional exhibition). A showroom of the Union
Artists of Russia, Kursk;
1996-personal exhibition "cvarelism", the House of the Architect, Kursk;
1998-participation in an exhibition devoted to Day of the artist, gallery " Z ", Kursk;
- A personal exhibition, gallery " Z ", Kursk;
2000-personal exhibition « the Blues of winter city », a room « Vesso Link », Kursk;
Personal exhibition, Lebenshilfe, Worms, Germany;
2004-personal exhibition « Spring dreams of a megacity », cafe " nterosso ", Moscow;
Personal exhibition « Antiques of XXII century », gallery " Z ", Kursk;
-rtfest Wexford, Ireland;
2005-personal exhibition « City angels », the Showroom Moscow
Fund of Culture, Moscow;
- A personal exhibition, Künstlerhaus, Alten Lederfabrik, Cologne, Germany;
2006 - a personal exhibition « Contrasts - nuances », the Showroom Moscow
Fund of Culture, Moscow;
2009-participant of Week of arts in Moscow in a showroom of the House of the artist on Kuznetskyi most, 11. It is marked by the diploma 2 degrees in a nomination experimental painting.
2012-personal exhibitions "Spring aggravation", sculpture, art - objects, toys, AZ gallery, Kursk.
participation in the project g ART PARADE Kursk.
2014-ART S.A.L.A.T. group exhibition, painting, graphics, installations, sculpture, art objects. Gallery Z. Kursk.
2015 - Manhattensis festival, Kursk, the cinema "Rodina"
2016-"Retrospective", cafe Museberry, Kursk
2016 exhibition of author's gallery "Vernissage", TRZ Megagrinn, .
- Installation "the Balance of power", Kursk, the city Day. ul Lenina,
--the Festival of ice sculptures, TSUM, Kursk
2017-"City rhythm", BALBES PROFI ART, solo exhibition, gallery AZ, g. Kursk.
Participation in the exhibition "Favorites" of Kursk state art gallery A.A. Deineka.
- "2525" Personal exhibition, showroom "Zwezdnyi", Kursk, Red Square 2/4.
-"Experiment", art Artis platform
Products of the artist are in the state and private collections of Russia and abroad: Germany, the USA, Switzerland, Ireland: Magil Fine Art, Dublin, The Lee Gallery, Cork, Israel and Morocco, ustralia.
Solovev Alexey
Fishing boat at night
Solovev Alexey. Fishing boat at night
214 USD
Yaskin Vladimir
Spring morning
Yaskin Vladimir. Spring morning
644 USD
Garcia Luis
Garcia Luis. Airplane
604 USD
Minaev Sergey
Sea View
Minaev Sergey. Sea View
470 USD
Mikhalskaya Katya
Irises on a spring morning
Mikhalskaya Katya. Irises on a spring morning
671 USD
Boev Sergey
Paris in the evening after the rain
Boev Sergey. Paris in the evening after the rain
537 USD

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