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Yudaev-Racei Yuri

Yudaev-Racei Yuri
Registration 2007.12.23
ArtNow rating:
     - painting: 679
     - graphics: 627
     - sculpture: 520
     - art glass: 532
     - wall painting: 528
     - decor: 524
     - copies: 506

Painting (564 artworks)

White Fish
Белая рыба
The Cock
Fish The Shoe
Orange-Pink Fish
Оранжево-розовая рыба

Graphics (367 artworks)

Morning [In front of the Mirror]
Утро [Перед зеркалом]
Wall (Esquisse)
Стена (этюд)
Aedicula III
Эдикула III

Sculpture (16 artworks)

White structure #192
Белая структура #192
Black Structure # 42
Черная структура # 42
Four Black Squares. Swastika
Четыре чёрных квадрата. Свастика
Red-Black-White Construction/Heavy
Конструкция (Красное, белое, чёрное) II

Art glass (33 artworks)

Esquisse for the Glass Painting
Эскиз витражной росписи
Esquisse for the Glass Painting "City of the Lion"
Эскиз витражной росписи "Город Льва"
Etudes for stained glass V
Эскизы к росписи по стеклу V
Etudes for stained glass IV
Эскизы к росписи по стеклу IV

Wall painting (63 artworks)

Banquet Hall "Night Flight" Interior (Main mural detail)
Интерьер зала торжеств "Ночной полет" (центральный фрагмент росписи)
Banquet Hall "Night Flight" Interior (Main view of mural)
Интерьер зала торжеств "Ночной полет" (общий вид интерьера)
Banquet Hall "Night Flight" Interior (mural detail)
Интерьер зала торжеств "Ночной полет" (фрагмент росписи)
Esquisse for the Mural / Banquet Hall "Night Flight" (cockpit, detail)
Эскиз росписи "Ночной полет" (фрагмент Кабина лайнера)

Decor (60 artworks)

Pattern - Patchwork #42
Паттерн / Текстура #42
Color Chart - Red
Колористическая таблица / Красные
Gouache. Test#3 (Deep green, purple)
Гуашь. Тест#2 (коричневые, зеленые, пурпурные)
Gouache. Test#3 (Deep)
Гуашь. Тест#3 (темные)

Copies (26 artworks)

Human Cranium (frontal view)
Череп человека (спереди)
Human Skull - Back View
Череп человека схематически в различных ракурсах: 3/4 справа сзади
Human Skull
Череп человека схематически в различных ракурсах: ракурс от уровня поясничного отдела
Human Skull (top-front view)
Череп человека (3/4 спереди сверху)


Yuri Yudaev / racei

Born on June, 15, 1956 in Kaliningrad / Konigsberg
• 1977-1985 - graduated the artistic-graphic faculty of State Pedagogical University (Moscow)
• 1986 - member of Soviet Artistic Union
• 1987 - participant of the All-Union artistic exhibition «Youth of Country» (The "Manezh" Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow)
• 1987-1990 - worked on the monumental painting
• 2000 - graduated the educational program of Institute of Contemporary Art; teachers: V.Koleychuk, V.Stigneev, A.Yakimovich, E.Petrovskaya, O.Aronson, Yu.Sobolev

* * *
Last Exhibitions and Actions:

• September 2 - 22, 2014: five works at the «New Era» Gallery exhibition / Central House of Artists, Moscow
• April 30 - May 11, 2014: seven works were exhibited at the «Abstract Painting In The Spirited Space» show / Central House of Artists, Moscow
• September - October 2013: participant of the Fifth Moscow Biennale of contemporary art / Project «Choosing The Route» at the design center "Artplay"
• September 2012 - February 2013: «Water - Endless Faces», exhibition in M.Lermontov’s Museum in Zarechny / Penza-19, Russia.
• October - December 2010: IV Triennale «Drawing of Russia» (Tomsk Regional Museum of Art), Diploma of the Russian Academy of Arts.
• June 2009: Anniversary exhibition dedicated to Bicentenary from Nikolai Gogol birthday in Moscow Nations House.
• August-November 2008: International Plenair in Odessa and Khmel'nitskiy Region, Ukraine
• From June 2007 to March 2008 - published 3 large art-historian articles «DEKO» Magazine, Publishing House «GAMMA».
• July 2003 - GTG (State Tretyakov gallery, Moscow) showed a video-film «Zayaz» (7'33'')
• September 2001 - performance «But me?» Novodevichie Cemetery, Moscow on a Street-Festival «Collection Leto».
• July 2000 - Moscow Performance Street-Festival of art-group «Leto»: environment «Without Trace», performance «mosTsom».
Samokhvalov Alexander
Salty surf
Samokhvalov Alexander. Salty surf
418 USD
Yaskin Vladimir
Spring mosaic
Yaskin Vladimir. Spring mosaic
739 USD
Kovalenko Lina
Citi by the sea
Kovalenko Lina. Citi by the sea
976 USD
Mirgorod Igor
Mirgorod Igor. Untitled
1199 USD
Bruno Tina
Bruno Tina. Sleeping
488 USD
CHatinyan Mger
The mountains
CHatinyan Mger. The mountains
920 USD

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