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Copy of the painting by N. K. Roerich. Tangla. Song of Shambhala

Ivoilov Arthur. Copy of the painting by N. K. Roerich. Tangla. Song of Shambhala
canvas/oil 79cm x 137cm 2010
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Style: Symbolism
Publication date: 2019.12.05
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One of the last impressions of his (N.K. Roerichs) dream, his love, Song of Shambhala will remain with me. Against the backdrop of a majestic sunset, illuminated by the purple of the last ray, the Sacred Ridge sparkles in the distance, an impassable area surrounded by snow "Giants. Ahead is a Mongol sitting on a dark rock - the Singer himself … The whole meaning of his life, his aspirations, his creativity, his knowledge and great Service are embodied in his works and songs of Shambhala and about Shambhala."

Letters to E.I. Roerich A.M. Aseev Volume 1. 09.16.1948
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