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Luchkina Olga

Luchkina Olga
Registration 2007.11.30
ArtNow rating:
     - painting: 520
     - graphics: 454
     - icons: 370
     - wall painting: 391
     - decor: 398
     - copies: 578

Painting (120 artworks)

Grandma's bouquet
Бабушкин букет
Yellow roses
Желтые розы
Portrait of the captain
Морской волк

Graphics (50 artworks)

Holiday costume
Праздничный костюм
Party costume
Holiday portrait
Праздничный портрет

Icons (1 artworks)

Icon "Paraskeva"
Икона "Параскева Пятница"

Wall painting (7 artworks)

Роспись в детской
Потолочная роспись "Розовый куст"
Настенная роспись "Парад планет" в боулинг клубе.
"Парад планет" настенная роспись в боулинг клубе в с.Ольгинка

Decor (1 artworks)

BIRTH of the STAR a triptych

Copies (5 artworks)

Copy of II Shishkin's painting "Oak Grove"
Копия картины И.И. Шишкина "Дубовая роща"
" Oaks. Evening " the Copy of work of I.I.Shishkin
"Дубы. Вечер" Копия работы И.И. Шишкина
" New Rome. The lock of the Sacred Angel " S.F.Shedrin
"Новый Рим. Замок Святого Ангела" С.Ф. Шедрин
"Рынок рабов с явлением невидимого бюста Вольтера" Дали


Born in 1953 in Moldavia.

Graduated from the Kishenev's Republican art school in 1975.
Graduated from the St.Petersburg Higher School (Academy) of Arts and Industrial Design named V.I.Mukhina
(now named AL Shtieglitz) in 1981.

The member of the Union of Artists of Russia.

Participation in exhibitions:

1984 – Young artists from Kuban, Moscow, Russia

1986 – Regional exhibition, Krasnodar, Russia

1987 – 8th national exhibition of watercolors, Leningrad, Russia

1989 – International biennale, Burgas, Bulgaria

1990 – Regional exhibition, Krasnodar, Russia

2001- «Biennale-5» Krasnodar, Russia

2000- Regional exhibition «In your name» Krasnodar, Russia

2003- Zonal exhibition «Peace to the Caucasus», Krasnodar, Russia

2003- «Biennale-6» Krasnodar, Russia

2005- International exhibition confined to the 60th anniversary of the 2nd World War, Moscow, RussiaCentral House of Artists

2005- «Artists of Kuban- to Petersburg», The MANEGE Central Exhibition Hall of St-Petersburg, Russia

2006- «Biennale-7», Krasnodar, Russia

2008- Zonal exhibition «Russia- South», Sochi, Russia

and there are many personal exhibition in Novorossiysk, Krasnodar, St.Petersburg.

From 1990-2000 was work at designer ( including art-project and incarnating a vision) in all regional museums (historical, regional museums and etc) Was a university teacher in the Kuban State University, Fine Art Department.

The art works are placed in private collections in row of countries.
Shundeeva Tatiana
Shundeeva Tatiana. Roses
618 USD
Minaev Sergey
Minaev Sergey. Ship
412 USD
Pryadko Yuri
Sea shore
Pryadko Yuri. Sea shore
756 USD
1512 USD
Kovalenko Lina
Citi by the sea
Kovalenko Lina. Citi by the sea
962 USD
Stepanov Pavel
Storms. Time to go
Stepanov Pavel. Storms. Time to go
6875 USD
Komarova Elena
To Saint Matrona
Komarova Elena. To Saint Matrona
687 USD

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