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Copy of a picture D. Dengel "The more the merrier"

Simonova Olga. Copy of a picture D. Dengel "The more the merrier"
canvas/oil 50cm x 60cm 2016
The artwork is framed
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Style: Realism
Publication date: 2016.07.07
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Copy of a picture D. Dengel "The more the merrier". In a picture the touching scene is represented. On a bed the family of 8 people sleeps and the cat and a dog and even chicken is present at this poor room where flows from a ceiling and instead of curtains the newspaper hangs on a window. But there is a main thing love! As they say: "The dish of greens is better and at it love, than the fattened bull and at him hatred". The picture can become a fine gift, will decorate any interior. It is issued in a wide wooden frame with beautiful texture which perfectly emphasizes the maintenance of a picture.
Simonova Olga
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Simonova Olga
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Simonova Olga
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Simonova Olga. Date with the sea
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Simonova Olga
Not titled
Simonova Olga. Not titled
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Simonova Olga
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Simonova Olga
Husky girl
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