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Petrovskaya-Petovraji Olga

Petrovskaya-Petovraji Olga
Registration 2010.08.18
ArtNow rating:
     - painting: 674
     - graphics: 578
     - batic: 443
     - mosaic: 470

Painting (309 artworks)

Still life with magnolia
Натюрморт с магнолией
Even the look is a reward for the loving
Любящему и взгляд награда
Still life with mosaic
Натюрморт с мозаикой
Still life with mango and pomegranates
Натюрморт с манго и гранатами

Graphics (96 artworks)

Autumn leaves
Осенние листья
Black lizards
Черные ящерицы
Jurassic Period
Юрский период
Beach watercolors 2020. N7
Пляжные акварели 2020. N7

Batic (2 artworks)

Drop (on the subject of Klimt)
Капля (на тему Климта)

Mosaic (22 artworks)

Galaxy Spiral
Спираль галактики
Her Majesty Goldfish
Государыня рыбка
Martian flowers
Марсианские цветы
Angel outside the window
Ангел за окном


Petrovskaya-Petovradgi Olga was born in 1980 in Moscow.
2003 graduated Moscow State Art-Industrial University. Stroganov, Department of artistic textile
Member Of The Moscow Union Of Artists

In March 2012 in the Moscow gallery "an Open club" was held the personal exhibition of Olga "Celebration of color"
In April-May 2013 was held the exhibition "Windows into our worlds" in the Exhibition hall "Creativity" at Taganka.
In the summer of 2015, a large personal exhibition "Joy of life" was held in the GBU TSSO "Troparevo-Nikulino".
In September-October 2015, a personal exhibition "Warm coasts" was held in the Business center "Country Park" in Khimki.
In may-June 2017 exhibition, "the Garden in my heart" in the Botanical garden of MSU "Aptekarsky ogorod" in Moscow.
In November of 2017 participated in the competition of the International environmental award "Ecoworld"of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences in the nomination "Environmental education, enlightenment and culture" and received a medal Tretyakov for the development of culture and art.
In December 2018, was a personal exhibition of works by Olga Peter-Paturage "Two banks" in the library №186 of them. S. A. Esenin in Moscow

Olga takes an active part in various regional and international exhibitions. The author's paintings are in private collections

On pages of a site Olga Petovradgi and Tatiana Petrovskaya is represented by their mother, Lidia Razumova.

If someone wants to Olga answered personally, it is sure to answer.

Thank you all for your attention.
Silantyev Vadim
Silantyev Vadim. Spark
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Shpak Vycheslav
Shpak Vycheslav. Cloud
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Ivanova Olga
Ivanova Olga. Leader
162 USD
Simonova Olga
Simonova Olga. Attraction
677 USD
Nikolaev Yury
Nikolaev Yury. Untitled
338 USD
Gubkin Michail
The blue whale
Gubkin Michail. The blue whale
772 USD

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