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Schernego Roman

Schernego Roman
Registration 2011.02.02
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Born to be "king"
,   "".
The end of the working day
Has breathed smoke...
Great pass

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Holy Mother Alipiya (Avdeeva)
St. Pious Prince Oleg of Bryansk
.    ()
Christ the Savior - Pantokrator. Image of Sinai.
 .   .

Decor (31 artworks)

Before the sinking...
Memories of the circus
A beer ..
The battle of heavyweights


I've started to paint in early childhood. My mother says that I always hold pencil in my hands and as usual the children do it - I painted on the walls and on the floor.
Later, the process was moving by itself.. At school I often drew on the lessons of classmates and teachers, mostly in caricatured style and because of this I was mercilessly included in the editorial board of the school :).. And since that time the young cartoonist had to draw up a stand in the lobby of the school. So struck up a friendship with people from the world of beauty :). Special influence on my creation has had a great cartoonist Michael Shilkin, who tragically died in the prime of life.

My first serious work, I think was a copy of a painting by Vasily Polenov "Overgrown Pond", which immediately has been bought.. So there were the first orders.
At those time I painted mostly landscapes, took lessons at the art academy in Riga (prof. Romis Bems) etc.. But I did not find satisfaction for my soul and one day I decided to find my own style on the art-stage.

I do not want to describe the process of finding, associated with a variety of painted paper, pencils, reading literature etc.. This is not an easy path - the path of trial and error. After all, has long been known that the artist is an eternal wanderer :).. So I went back to the basics laid down in childhood, linking caricature with elements of cubism and found my own exspressive style. You can safely call it - exstremalizm:). Because here is fundamentally lacking rounded shapes, but not disturb the harmony of composition, color, rhythms.. Sharp angles, volumes and planes, they are like human life itself, which is full of sharp turns, corners and sharp turns.. However, all people are looking for harmony and thank God, if they find it.
Panov Eduard
Still life with Oriental jar
Panov Eduard. Still life with Oriental jar
1093 USD
Panina Kira
Not titled
Panina Kira. Not titled
170 USD
Aronov Aleksey
Not titled
Aronov Aleksey. Not titled
438 USD
1093 USD
Boev Sergey
Not titled
Boev Sergey. Not titled
546 USD
Smorodinov Ruslan
August fog
Smorodinov Ruslan. August fog
478 USD
Zakharov Mikhail
Not titled
Zakharov Mikhail. Not titled
2734 USD

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