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Potapova Elena

Potapova Elena
Registration 2009.03.04
ArtNow rating:
     - painting: 664
     - graphics: 564
     - copies: 439
     - sculpture: 457
     - decor: 523

Painting (122 artworks)

Фантазийная композиция
Рыбка-матрёшка под кружевным зонтиком)
Лебедь в гиацинтовой шапочке
Натюрморт с каменной птицей

Graphics (40 artworks)

Цветы в ночи
"Жизнь в розовом цвете" часть вторая
"Жизнь в розовом цвете" часть первая
С чесноком (Из серии "Малышки")

Copies (1 artworks)

Sculpture (1 artworks)

Скульптурная композиция

Decor (23 artworks)

Путь к успеху или река времени
Окно в Прованс
Портрет петуха в интерьере)
В саду


The original style and the refinement of both the dress and its elements, a special approach to the selection of the colours as well as the original technique of the process of superposition of various cloth types – all that creates the unique character of her works, which could be compared with the paintings. She is the member of the following institutions: “UNESCO International Artists Federation”, Russia Artists Creative Union”, “International Designers Association”, “Fashion Industry League”, “Russia Architects House”. The winner of the International competition “Design-Space-Time” in the nomination “Fashion”.The winner of the “Artbiennale” (Malte, 2005) and of other international competitions and exhibitions. She had several personal exhibitions, worked with film producers, theatre administrators, musicians and sportsmen. She also creates the furniture and develops the building interior elements. She is interested much in retro-dresses.
Garcia Luis
Maritime extravaganza
Garcia Luis. Maritime extravaganza
1703 USD
Berestova Ksenia
The girl on the chair. Simple arithmetic
Berestova Ksenia. The girl on the chair. Simple arithmetic
851 USD
Kovalenko Lina
Kovalenko Lina. Montenegro
567 USD
Konstantin Pavel
Konstantin Pavel. Lilies
2782 USD
Volosov Vladmir
Blue Space
Volosov Vladmir. Blue Space
922 USD
Shedrina Maria
House near the Lake
Shedrina Maria. House near the Lake
312 USD

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