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Konstantin Pavel

Konstantin Pavel
Registration 2008.10.28
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Red still life
White peonies

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Children of the sun


PAUL KONSTANTIN born in Moscow. He graduated from the Moscow Art School in memory of 1905 (decorative and design department) in 1982, lives and works in Moscow. Paintings, graphics, drawings, computer graphics.
CREATIVITY motto: "The painting - so the outside world, passed through an internal" I ".
1982-1993 - artist, illustrator, designer of the Moscow decorative art factory "ROSKOOPTORGREKLAMY."
1989-1991 - taught drawing, composition, artistic design in the Training Center illustrator Moscow offices of the joint Soviet-West German enterprise "ROS-MARKETING."
1993-1997 - Chief designer magazine "houses" Publishing house "Kommersant".
1997-2007 - Art Director Publishing houses Rodionova (magazine "Profil", "Career", "BusinessWeek", "MoulinRouge", "houses", "Peasant" and others), work with world-renowned photographer Helmut Newton.
Participation in exhibitions
80-ies Twentieth century - ENEA (KDOI USSR), "Soyuztorgreklama", "Rostorgreklama."
1990 "Russian Week in Örebro" in the exhibition and the Museum of History in Sweden.
90-ies Twentieth century - International Exhibitions (Gallery "TAIS")
Personal exhibition in 1989, 1990, 1991, the Joint Soviet-zapadnogermanskom enterprise "ROS-MARKETING."
His works are in private collections in Russia, USA, England, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Israel, Lithuania, Latvia
Konstantin Pavel
Konstantin Pavel. Rose
1316 USD
Konstantin Pavel
Branch of actinidia
Konstantin Pavel. Branch of actinidia
2127 USD
Konstantin Pavel
Tiger 2
Konstantin Pavel. Tiger 2
3923 USD
Konstantin Pavel
Konstantin Pavel. Lilies
2606 USD
Konstantin Pavel
Yawn tiger
Konstantin Pavel. Yawn tiger
3923 USD
Konstantin Pavel
Konstantin Pavel. Eagle
26065 USD

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