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Ilina Ekaterina

Ilina Ekaterina
Registration 2019.06.23
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     - painting: 213
     - graphics: 601
     - sculpture: 120

Painting (5 artworks)

6 geniuses. Asia
6 гениев. Азия
6 geniuses. Russia
6 гениев. Россия
Stupid soul
Глупая душа

Graphics (11 artworks)

Small manifestos
Маленькие манифесты
Licking your wounds
Зализывая раны
Modern art classics room
Комната класики современного искусства

Sculpture (5 artworks)

Classics of modern art
Классика современного искусства
6 geniuses. Russia
6 гениев. Россия
Stupid soul
Глупая душа
Памятник бульдозерной выставке
Памятник бульдозерной выставке


She received 2 education in Tver College of Culture. N. And.Lviv and Moscow state University of culture (Decorative arts), working in Bulgaria by the artist. The beginning of the path of art was through participation in the "Art square", was the presentation of the painting "Love", where as a critic was the artist Nikas Safronov. Participated in a collective exhibition in Krasnodar in the cultural center Printing.
Two Paintings "Feast during the plague" and "Hard not to love genius" were presented in Taipei at the exhibition Art Revolucion Taipei. At this stage, the artist has plans related to art. There is a desire to do an exhibition of modern art for your favorite city of Tver every 3 years. The artist is convinced that art belongs to the people. This exhibition is an experiment and a long way, which was done by Katarina Love. The artist paints many of his works in the grotesque style, tries and experiments with style, combining different forms of his works. Many paintings consist of modules, as well as 2 works by Arte Povera were created before the
Panina Kira
Figs in vase
Panina Kira. Figs in vase
173 USD
Tyutrin Peter
Potseluev bridge
Tyutrin Peter. Potseluev bridge
3795 USD
Gubkin Michail
Magic road ll (var. 2)
Gubkin Michail. Magic road ll (var. 2)
474 USD
Boyko Evgeny
Boyko Evgeny. Untitled
284 USD
Oligerov Alexander
Oligerov Alexander. Leader
2472 USD
Medvedev-Orlovskiy Igor
Chicks are hatched
Medvedev-Orlovskiy Igor. Chicks are hatched
772 USD

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