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Deryabin Evgeniy. Sunny day
Deryabin Evgeniy.
Sunny day

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Maksimenko Vitaliy

Maksimenko Vitaliy

City:Moscow, Russia
URL: //
Contacts:e-mail to the artist
Artworks total: 18
Registration date: 2015.12.01
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Vitaly Maksimenko was born in Moscow, in 1976. Unlike many modern artists his creative biography has begun not with children's studio and not with art school. Despite the love to drawing shown still since childhood, Vitaly was limited to knowledge gained within the school program for the subject of the same name. All his practice consisted of school drawings, and in sketches on the margins of notebooks and blank sheets. After school, he entered legal university, after which he served in the Internal Affairs Department. But neither during this period, nor after, when Vitaly worked as a lawyer in various commercial organizations, he did not stop drawing, filling free spaces of diaries and workbooks. If necessary, he used his abilities to develop logos and objects of graphic design in the interests of companies with whom he cooperated.
In the spring of 2014, Vitaly began attending individual lessons in the Studio "Talent", where under the guidance of an experienced teacher Morozova O. A. has strengthened his primary skills with theoretical basis and a practical training. It was thanks to her lessons that Vitaly, who until then gravitated solely to graphics, discovered the magic of color, versatility and versatility of painting. Until 2017, he, already an adult, comprehended the science of turning a white sheet (or canvas) into a new colorful world, which absorbed not only the reality depicted on it, but also the artist himself, his feelings, emotions, energy.
Important events in the author's life were two events in his creative life: the victory in the competition "Bulgakov in the illustration" followed by participation in the group exhibition of the same name (Museum Bulgakov, Moscow) and an invitation to participate in the Visionary Art Show, held by Primo Piano LivinGallery (Lecce, Italy). After that, the author began to actively participate in various domestic and foreign competitions, periodically taking various prizes.

Currently, Vitaly Maksimenko is a member of the International art Fund, is active in creative activities, participates in various group exhibitions. One of his works ("Morphine", 2016) is owned by Museum Bulgakov (Moscow, Russia). Some works are in private collections in Russia. There are publications in foreign and domestic catalogues of exhibitions in which the author participated.

2016 - Museum Bulgakov, group exhibition "Bulgakov in illustrations" (Moscow, Russia)
2016 - Fomenar Prize, group exhibition (virtual exhibition)
2016 - Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, group exhibition "Blue 2016 Show" (virtual exhibition)
2017 - Primo Piano LivinGallery group exhibition "Visionary Art Show" (Lecce, Italy)
2017 - IV International Fair of Contemporary Art "ArtExpoSPb 2017" (St.-Petersburg, Russia)
2017 - Library № 1 them.Griboyedov, group exhibition "Talk to me in my language" (Moscow, Russia)
2017 - Library of Ukrainian Literature, group exhibition "Artist in the space of words" (Moscow, Russia)
2017 - Library № 1 them.Griboyedov, group exhibition "Our history" (Moscow, Russia)
2017 - Russian Art Week, group exhibition (Moscow, Russia)
2017 - Primo Piano LivinGallery group exhibition "The Timeless Fragments Festival" (Brindisi, Italy)
2017 - Gallery "Chertanovo", group exhibition "Secret Winter Paths" (Moscow, Russia)
2018 - Central House of Artists, International exhibition-competition of animalistic art "ZOO ARTS / ANIMAL PORTRAIT" (Moscow, Russia)
2018 - Moscow house of artists, International exhibition-competition "Festival of Abstraction" (Moscow, Russia)
2018 - A.N. Scriabin Museum, personal exhibition "Neighbors on the planet" (Moscow, Russia)

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Весенний сбор
Скопа на рыбалке
В атаке (Вираж)
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Maksimenko Vitaliy. Graphics (8 artworks ) >>

Мейн Кун
Рыбалка у горной реки
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