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Zhupan Ivan

Zhupan Ivan
Registration 2011.12.21
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     - painting: 492
     - graphics: 638

Painting (18 artworks)

Гора Сокол. Крым
Beskidy Mountains
Горы Бескиды
Carpathians. Guklivoe
Карпаты. Гукливое

Graphics (51 artworks)

Мир Кастанеды
Тольтекская мандала
Кубистические деревья


He was born October 23, 1966 in Kazan. In 1976 he moved to Mukachevo (Transcarpathia). In 1986 he graduated with honors from the Art College in Uzhgorod. In 1989-91 studied at the Higher Art and Industrial School V. I. Muhina in Leningrad. In 1997 admitted to the Union of Artists of Russia in St. Petersburg. In 2014, adopted by the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

Personal exhibitions:

1991 - Split, Croatia, the gallery "POBOTA"
1994 - Sestroretsk, gallery "Fedor"
1995 - Vyborg, the Exhibition "Energy Myth"
1995 - St. Petersburg, gallery "Chiron"
1995 - Uzhgorod, Ukraine, the Exhibition "Energy"
1996 - St. Petersburg, Dostoevsky Museum
1997 - Debrecen, Hungary, "Kish Gallery"
1999 - Sombothey, Hungary, "Sovariya Museum"
2000 - Mukachevo, Ukraine, Gallery "St. Martin"
2007 - Kazan, the National Cultural Centre
2008 - Kazan, the Museum of Maxim Gorky
2010 - Mukachevo, Ukraine, Gallery "St. Martin"
2014 - Kazan, gallery open joint stock company "Nasko"
2016 - Surgut, the Ice Palace of Sports
2017 - Surgut, GAZPROM

Participation in exhibitions
1985 - Uzhgorod, Regional Exhibition of Young Artists
1987 - Uzhgorod, Transcarpathian artists Youth Exhibition
Since 1987 - Mukachevo, Annual Exhibition of Artists city
1988 - Leningrad, the Exhibition "Avant-Garde on the fence"
1989 - Bude, Norway, "Contemporary Art of Leningrad"
1991 - Leningrad, Central Exhibition Hall "Manege", "Festival of Leningrad galleries"
1992 Leningrad, Fairgrounds, the winner of the International Exhibition "Latest Art" Biennale-2, Gallery of "Ariadne"
1992 - Laapenranta, Finland, "From the funds of the Association of Museums of Leningrad Region"
1993 - St. Petersburg, the Exhibition humanitarian fund "Free Culture", Ohta
1994 - St. Petersburg, Biennale 3
1995 - St. Petersburg, Central Exhibition Hall "Manege", Exhibition "Art-reality"
1996 - Mukachevo, Ukraine, the International Exhibition of Artists
1996 - Kyiv, Ukraine, Republican Exhibition "10 Years After Chernobyl"
1997 - St. Petersburg, Central Exhibition Hall "Manege", Exhibition "All Petersburg"
1998 - Uzhgorod, Ukraine, Regional Exhibition of Young Artists
Since 1998 - Transcarpathia, Ukraine, Exhibition association "Kalgan"
Since 1999 - Ukraine, Exhibitions school S.V.Simakov
2002 - St. Petersburg, the Exhibition "From the Collection of Blagodatov"
2006 - St. Petersburg, Exhibition Hall of Artists Union of Russia, the annual autumn exhibition
2007 - Mukachevo, Ukraine, the Exhibition "On the Independence Day of Ukraine"
2009 - Uzhgorod, Ukraine, Transcarpathian Regional Exhibition Artists
2011 - St. Petersburg, Exhibition Hall of Artists Union of Russia, the annual autumn exhibition
2012 - St. Petersburg, Exhibition Hall of Artists Union of Russia, the annual autumn exhibition
2013 - St. Petersburg, Exhibition "The ancient fire." Anna Akhmatova Museum
2013 - St. Petersburg, Exhibition Hall of Artists Union of Russia, the annual autumn exhibition
2013 - Mukachevo, Ukraine, the city's exhibition "Realism"
2013 - Mukachevo, Ukraine, the city's exhibition "Graphics"
2014 - Mukachevo, Ukraine, City Christmas Show
from 2014 - Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, Ukraine, regional and city exhibitions
2014 - Kiev, Ukraine, the exhibition "Ukrainian Symphony. Unity", New Gallery
2017 - Uzhgorod, Diploma of the winner of the Х1 regional contest "Graphics of Transcarpathia" in the nomination "Original
Technique" for the work "People in the trees"

His works are in museums in St. Petersburg, Kiev and Transcarpathia, Hungary, Croatia, and in private collections in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan, Surgut, Budapest, Prague, Split, Paris, London, Munich, Austria, Greece.

Ivan Zhupan is one of the disciples of the famous artist Paul Bedzir, the founder of the Carpathian graphic school, high master of engineering grattazh ("Scratchy, " according to Bedzir). Grattazh - scratching with a needle on the multi-layered and multi-color ground, deposited on cardboard; is very laborious and time-consuming technique.
Ivan Zhupan - one of the students Bedzira has mastered this technique and continues to successfully work in it. He continues to develop the tradition of his teacher in the direction of Art Nouveau.
Another direction of work of Ivan Zhupan - landscapes of the Crimea and the Carpathians, executed in pastel and oil.
Malykh Evgeny
A bouquet of roses
Malykh Evgeny. A bouquet of roses
277 USD
Potapova Elena
Not titled
Potapova Elena. Not titled
857 USD
Konstantin Pavel
Konstantin Pavel. Peony
3718 USD
Shedrina Maria
Not titled
Shedrina Maria. Not titled
252 USD
Panina Kira
Not titled
Panina Kira. Not titled
161 USD
Aronov Aleksey
Not titled
Aronov Aleksey. Not titled
252 USD

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