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Volkhonskaya Liudmila

Volkhonskaya Liudmila
Registration 2011.04.03
ArtNow rating:
     - painting: 633
     - graphics: 593
     - icons: 558

Painting (118 artworks)

Church of the assumption in Meletovo. Pskov oblast
Успенская церковь в Мелетово. Псковская область
Pskov Kremlin. The view from Olginsky bridge
Псковский кремль. Вид с Ольгинского моста
Ростов Великий

Graphics (31 artworks)

Херсонес Таврический.Владимирский кафедральный собор
Смоленский собор Новодевичьего монастыря
Никольский собор Николо-Перервинского монастыря
Надвратная церковь иконы Толгской Божией Матери Николо-Перервинского монастыря

Icons (15 artworks)

Ангел с кадилом
Пресвятая Троица
Преподобный Серафим Саровский чудотворец
Преподобный Сергий Радонежский


Volkhonskaya Lyudmila Alekseevna.
Was born in 1946. The first formation - the higher technical. Art education - has ended School-studio at arts and crafts museum in Moscow in 1989.
Member of the unions of artists: the Creative union of artists of Russia, the Creative union of professional artists, the International art fund.
The national master of Russia (1995г.).
The direction - painting on brocade acryle, is registered in the Russian author's society in 1994.
It is exposed since 1988.
Personal exhibitions in Russia and abroad (Great Britain, Malta, Germany, Czechia, Luxembourg, Austria, Finland, Hungary, Bulgaria).
The participant of the international project "the World heritage of UNESCO in works of artists and masters of arts and crafts".
It is awarded by Reading and writing and letters of thanks of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Department
Outwardly-economic relations the Governments of Moscow.
Volkov Sergey
Moscow roofs. Twilight rain in Bobrov Lane
Volkov Sergey. Moscow roofs. Twilight rain in Bobrov Lane
892 USD
Grechina Anna
Orange Lily
Grechina Anna. Orange Lily
466 USD
932 USD
Garcia Luis
Garcia Luis. Sea
479 USD
Gappasov Ramil
Yellow lilies
Gappasov Ramil. Yellow lilies
199 USD
Minaev Sergey
Minaev Sergey. Field
399 USD
Shpak Vycheslav
The lady with the pig
Shpak Vycheslav. The lady with the pig
186 USD

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