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Karpov Evgeniy

Karpov Evgeniy
Registration 2009.11.11
ArtNow rating:
     - painting: 639
     - graphics: 638
     - decor: 586
     - airbrush: 549

Painting (223 artworks)

Flowers in a jar 223
Цветы в банке 223
Portrait of Svetlana 222
Портрет Светланы 222
Flowers on blue 221
Цветы на синем 221
Portrait of Dmitrieva 220
Портрет Дмитриевой 220

Graphics (166 artworks)

At the window 166
У окна 166
Lena-policewoman 165
Лена-полицейский 165
Flowers on the window 164
Цветы на окне 164
Girl in blue 163
Девушка в синем 163

Decor (27 artworks)

"Цветы на желтом" 27
Black cat 26
"Черный кот" 26
"Кот и цветы" 25
"Fish on the green"
"Рыба на зеленом" 24

Airbrush (11 artworks)

"Flying in the night"
"Летящая в ночи" 11
"The bears"
"Медведи" 10
"The zebra"
"Зебра" 9
"The small fishs"
"Рыбки" 8


Was born in 1951 in Moscow. Artistic-graphic institute Finished Member of Internftional Artistic Pool. Personal exhibitions in Moscow. Damascus.Aleppo. to Hama & Beirut. At present the time-instructor of MGGU the department of the design. Wors are located in the particular meetings of a number of the countries.
Panov Eduard
Panov Eduard. Plum
571 USD
Podgaevskaya Marina
Purple butterfly
Podgaevskaya Marina. Purple butterfly
4284 USD
Anikin Aleksey
In the glow of the pink sky
Anikin Aleksey. In the glow of the pink sky
911 USD
Silaeva Nina
Silaeva Nina. Kolomna
544 USD
Filippova Ksenia
In the sunny marina (from the series Spanish boats)
Filippova Ksenia. In the sunny marina (from the series Spanish boats)
340 USD
Grechina Anna
Grapes and light
Grechina Anna. Grapes and light
1836 USD
2040 USD

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