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Sipovich Vladimir

Sipovich Vladimir
Registration 2009.02.27
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     - painting: 621
     - jeweller art: 561
     - sculpture: 512
     - art glass: 501
     - decor: 621

Painting (22 artworks)

St. Nicholas Cathedral. Kislovodsk
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Jeweller art (53 artworks)

Sculpture (8 artworks)

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Art glass (14 artworks)

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Decor (125 artworks)

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Sipovich Vladimir was born in 1952. Sipovich V. is a member of the Artists' Union of Russia, the International Federation of Artists and the International Association of Art - IAA AIAP UNESCO. He graduated from the Kursk pedagogical university, the graphics faculty. Nowadays he lives in Kislovodsk and works in the field of arts and crafts: a stained-glass window and hot enamel. Vladimir has been taking an active part in regional, republican, international exhibitions, and also international symposiums on hot enamel. The works of the artist are in museums and private collections in Russia and abroad.
Panov Eduard
Not titled
Panov Eduard. Not titled
2523 USD
Paroshin Vladimir
Old stairs in Miskhor
Paroshin Vladimir. Old stairs in Miskhor
883 USD
CHatinyan Mger
CHatinyan Mger. Spring
490 USD
Kukueva Svetlana
Not titled
Kukueva Svetlana. Not titled
1261 USD
Chvanova Tatyana
Not titled
Chvanova Tatyana. Not titled
1402 USD
2803 USD
Litvinov Andrew
Litvinov Andrew. Leo
364 USD

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